Update 2/12/18 

Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School celebrates Scout Sunday on February 11, 2018 at the 10:30 A.M. Mass.

What is Scout Sunday?

The Boy Scouts of America designates the Sunday that falls before February 8 or in close proximity to the Boy Scout of America’s birthday as Scout Sunday, which is the primary date to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting. Though February 4 is the official day for Scout Sunday 2018, each chartered organization may adopt any specific Sunday to celebrate. The BSA says a local church may celebrate “on the Sunday most acceptable to the pastor and congregation.”

Scout Sunday was added to the Scout celebration in the mid-1940s to bring greater awareness to Scouting and to allow Scouts to live out their “Duty to God” pledged each week.

A Scout is Reverant

The Scout Law says that  “A Scout is Reverent” and the Scouts of all ages promise to do their “Duty to God”. These values strengthen youth character in their family, community and faith.

Scouting’s founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, knew that faith gives young people a road map for like, and that is a wise guide for actions and thoughts.

Scout Sunday is a beautiful reminder to ground ourselves in faith and reverence both in personal lives and in the Boy Scouts of America’s daily mission to make the world a better place.

Jesus is a Friend

Reverence toward God is an integral part of the scouting experience.

The purpose of the Light of Christ Emblem and the Parvulu Dei (children of God) Emblem is to help the Cub Scout develop a personal relationship with Jesus, with the parents’ active assistance and participation in this program, it is hoped that the Cub will come to see Jesus as a real person and his friend.

This year, Pack 299 honors three Light of Christ recipients and three Parvuli Dei recipients who have worked with their parents through a spiritual journey to earn their emblems.

Recognizing Collaborative Leadership

The Cub Scouts recognize and thank Kim Ward, Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation for her leadership in helping with Scout testing for earning the Light of Christ medallions!

Earning a Religious Emblem is a family-prepared event. Each scout works with his family to complete the booklet and tests with the Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation.

“It was a privilege working with Scout leader Andrew Boileau and the boys on the Scout testing. Each of them have worked hard and earned this emblem. Kudos to their families as well,” said Kim Ward.

Light of Christ

Niall B.
William G.
Evan L.

Parvuli Dei

Hunter G.
Edward K.
David P.

Interested in Scouting?

Pack 299 will be hosting Sunday Social Hour following the 8:30 A.M. and 10:30 A.M. Masses on February 11, 2018.  Come and talk to Scouts and Scout leaders about the program and learn more about the Cub Scout Pack 299 and Boy Scout Troop 299 affiliated with Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School.

Questions about Cub Scouts Religious Emblems? Contact Meaghan Bihun, Religious Emblems Coordinator.