Providing Pastoral Care

Our sick and homebound parishioners are important.  At Saint Patrick Catholic Church, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick & Homebound are trained as pastoral visitors, including offering Eucharist when desired and requested by homebound parishioners, or those in nursing homes or hospitals.

Are you unable to attend Mass?  Do you know someone who is homebound and wished to receive the Eucharist? If you, a loved one, or another parishioner you know are unable to celebrate Mass with the parish community, weekly communion can be brought to your home by a lay pastoral minister.

Saint Patrick Catholic Church is very grateful for the lay ministers who provide pastoral care to the parish community including, but not limited to bringing Communion to the homebound.

The parish continues to explore other ways to provide pastoral care to all of our parishioners and the St. Patrick community within our parish boundaries.

Questions About Pastoral Care?

Do you have other questions about pastoral care? Are you feeling called to a ministry to provide pastoral care to other?  Are you in need of the Sacrament of Anointing?  Do you want the Eurcharist brought to your home weekly because you are homebound?  Are there times when you wish to bring Eucharist to someone you know who is ill and unable to attend Sunday Mass? Let us help you to prepare for this life giving ministry.

I want to learn more about Pastoral Care

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