The life of every Catholic, from childhood to adulthood, is about being formed in the image of Christ. It is much more than just passing on facts ~ it is esentially about formation. It is about nurturing their relationship with God. Such a process of formation is always new and never ends!

The Heart of Faith Formation

A few hours each week in the atrium or a religious education class simply are not enough for formation. Attending liturgies, daily prayer, conversation about Jesus and reading Scripture is at the very heart of faith formation.

Faith Building Starts in the Home

The family is the first forum in which the mission of evangelization takes place. Hence, parents are recognized as having the primary responsibility for training their children in the practice of the faith.

Family Faith Formation Takes Place at Liturgies

The primary faith formation of the Catholic family takes place at the Sunday liturgy. Living in a world with conflicting values, we need the Eucharist to help us stand firmly with one another in our faith and become the followers of Christ that we are called to by our baptism.

Faith Formation Opportunities Are Abundant

Saint Patrick Catholic Church is committed to providing opportunities for parents and children to develop their prayer lives and their formal understanding of the Catholic faith.