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Saint Patrick Parish invites all to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through Eucharist, Prayer, and Education, to become Disciples for a World Church.Mission Statement [March 2017]

It was not our intent to “create” the Mission, Values and Priorities for our parish, but rather to “discern and discover” the direction in which Jesus is calling us.

Rooted in Tradition

The new Mission Statement, adopted March 2017 reflects a renewed emphasis on our fundamental traditions of Eucharist, Prayer and Education.

The most notable change is the clear call to deepen our personal relationships with Jesus Christ, whom we feel is now calling us to build upon our historical inward focus on the “Old Tacoma” community to a more outward focus.

Yet Focuses Beyond Traditional Boundaries

We sense Jesus is calling Saint Patrick Catholic Church to be Disciples for an emerging world church— a larger and more diverse community that exists beyond our traditional sense of parish boundaries.

Reflecting the Changing Times

The 2017 Catholic church of Tacoma and Western Washington is no longer the same community it was the first 120 years of our existence.

The long established mission, “We are a Catholic faith community in the traditions and people of ‘Old Tacoma’ called together and empowered by Christ to nurture the spiritual and liturgical needs of our community through lifelong Christian education, celebration of the Sacraments, prayer and service to others,” was revised to reflect these changes.

Parish Values

In addition to the mission, parish values and priorities were discovered in the long range planning process.

Extending Hospitality & Welcoming

Like Christ, we share with all, an open-minded, non- judgmental spirit of welcome.

Growing In Faith

Jesus, the Father’s great love shared with us, calls us to a deeper personal relationship with Him and to authentic relationships with one another.

Sharing the Good News & Evangelizing

As disciples of Christ, moved by the Holy Spirit, we venture out in faith to share the Good News.

Parish Priorities

After months of information gathering, surveying, listening and discernment, the Long Range Planning team discovered the mission that Jesus has for our parish—a mission we did not create but one that was given to us by Jesus. To fulfill Christ’s mission for our parish, the following three priorities emerged:

  • Education
  • Keeping Our Communities Vibrant
  • Reaching Out to Young People