They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers. Acts 2:42

Liturgical ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your baptismal call of service to one another. Whether participation is through “behind the scenes” preparation and planning such as preparing the environment or through a public role of service within the Mass, from lectors who proclaim the word, to extrodinary Ministers of Holy Communion to ushers and greets who offer hospitality and direct seating and processions.  Parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations.

Your Gifts are Essential

Finding a liturgical ministry within which to serve is easy because there are many options to choose from. There is one that is best suited for you— one that matches the gifts and talents that God graced you with with the needs of the ministry.

We Are a Community of Communities

The Great Commission created the infrastructure for basic ministerial functions within the Church. Our Parish is a community of communities. Every person’s faith journey is different, and every person’s interests and talents will lead them to different places. And yet, we are all of the Body of Christ.

Ministries Fulfill the Church Mission

Liturgical ministries respond to God’s call serve one another and share the Gospel.

Be Part of the Mission

We invite you to take part in this great mission! To learn more about specific litugical groups, please follow the links to the right or contact the Parish Center for additional information about the ministry or to join a ministry group.