Parish Staff

James 'Kevin' Lovejoy

Pastoral Coordinator
253-383-2783, ext. 4104

Fr. Tom Lamanna, S.J.

Parish Priest
253-383-2783, ext. 4100

Fr. Jerry Graham, S.J.

Parish Priest
253-383-2783, ext. 4100

Fr. John Fuchs, S.J.

Parish Priest
253-383-2783, ext. 4100

Bill Eckert

253-383-2783, ext. 4100

Michelle Carpenter

Parish & School Bookkeeper
253-383-2783, ext. 4103

Mary Leverson

Administrative Assistant & Bulletin Editor
253-383-2783, ext. 4100

Christy Johnson

Development Director for the Parish & School
253-383-2783, ext. 4118

Laura Dougherty

Pastoral Assistant for Funerals, Liturgy & Pastoral Care
253-383-2783, ext. 4109

Amy Waller

Pastoral Assistant for Baptism & atrium Leader
253-383-2783, ext. 4113

Kim Ward

Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation
253-383-2783, ext. 4108

Sandra Kuharic

Pastoral Assistant for Evangelization & Engagement
253-383-2783, ext. 4116

Joe Skillman

Youth Confirmation Leader

Eugene Lao

Information & Technology Director for the Parish & School
253-383-2783, ext. 4111

Kate Drury

Office Assistant

Anna Skillman

Youth Confirmation Leader

Gaylon Adams

Facilities Coordinator

Kathy Johns

Atrium Leader
253-383-2783, ext. 4112

Bob McKamey

Pastoral Assistant for Music
253-383-2783, ext. 4100

Catherine Greene

Pastoral Assistant for Music
253-383-2783, ext. 4100

Allison Verhofstadt

Pastoral Assistant Youth Ministry

Parish Priest Bios

Father John Fuchs, S.J.

Father John Fuchs, S.J.

Father John Fuchs, S.J

Fr. John Fuchs, S.J., was born in Tacoma, Washington, and grew up living three blocks from Saint Patrick Catholic Church.  He attended St. Patrick Catholic School all eight years and was educated and disciplined by the Dominican sisters.  Sister Anthony, who is still a member of the parish community, drafted him into being an altar boy in the fifth grade.  He attended Bellarmine High School for four years, where he was brainwashed by the Jesuits and then entered the Jesuit Novitiate after graduation.

He was ordained in 1975.  His first assignment was at St. Ignatius Church in Portland, Oregon.  Then he was assigned as the assistant Novice Director of the Jesuit Novitiate.  After that he received a counseling degree at Boston College and worked in the counseling department and Gonzaga University.  Next he was appointed Novice Director of the Jesuit Novitiate for seven years.  Following that he was appointed Pastor at St. Leo Church for nine years.  Then he was the Spiritual Formation Director at the Palisades Retreat Center for six years and Superior of the Bellarmine Jesuit Community for nine years.  Now he helps with the spiritual formation of the Bellarmine faculty and staff, offers spiritual direction for individuals, directs the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, and ministers to the sacramental needs of the Archdiocese, such as at Saint Patrick Catholic Church.

Father Jerry Graham, S.J.

Father Jerry Graham, S.J.Father Jerry Graham, S. J.

Jerry Graham, S. J. is a Jesuit priest and poet. At the age of 35 he converted to Catholicism and joined the Society of Jesus three years later in 1989. He earned an MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. His work has been in parishes and Ignatian spirituality. In his spare time, he has been working on a Christian epic poem: Ah Dante! Another Inferno. Before moving to the Bellarmine Jesuit Community in Tacoma, he served as chaplain for the Gonzaga in Florence study abroad program in Florence, Italy.

Father Tom Lamanna, S.J.

Father Tom Lamanna, S.J.

He was born and raised in Spokane and graduated from both Gonzaga Prep and Gonzaga U.  He entered the Jesuit novitiate in 1986 and professed first vows two years later.  He was missioned to St. Michael’s Institute at Gonzaga U for philosophy studies and Gonzaga Prep for his regency.  He did his theology studies in Boston and was ordained in 1997.  Then returned to Gonzaga Prep for his first assignment and was there through December of 2001.  He made his tertianship in Alaska and after tertianship he was missioned to work at the Jesuit Novitiate in Portland Oregon.  He was Socius to the Novice Director for two years and then was Novice Director 2004-2013, the last two years in Culver City California at the combined novitiate for the California and Oregon provinces of the Society of Jesus.  The second semester of the 2013-14 school year he began teaching at Bellarmine Prep and became superior of the Jesuit community in the summer of 2014.

He served on numerous boards of directors; L’Arche Spokane, Bellarmine Prep, Gonzaga Prep, the Jesuit Spirituality Center (Portland), SEEL Portland.  Besides his experience in secondary education and has been a spiritual director in both SEEL Spokane and SEEL Portland, as well as given Ignatian Spirituality training to the directors of SEEL Portland.  He helped facilitate board retreats for the Secondary and Middle School Commission of the Oregon Province and St. Andrew’s Nativity School.  He has provided retreats and faculty and staff formation for St. Andrew’s Nativity School, Seattle Prep, Jesuit High School, Bellarmine Prep, and St. John’s High School.