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Parish Follow-Up Toolkit was recently released to provide an overview of the parish consolidation vision for the Tacoma region, background information, and answers to questions raised by the parishioners in the first set of parish meetings.

Follow us on Facebook. Make sure we have your email address. Sign up for Online Giving. Pray. These are a few action steps we can all take today to help our parish.

Fr. David Mulholland’s weekly pastoral letter.

Parish Annual Report View downloadable PDF here or click on the image below to view as a FlipBook Archdiocesan Annual Report View downloadable PDF here or click on the image below to view as a FlipBook

We’re livestreaming!

The word liturgy defined actually means “the work of the people.” Our God wants us to actively participate, to be fully engaged in our prayers and responses, to be a part of this great mystery of our Mass.

Every so often we are asked why we don’t offer gluten-free hosts for communion. Although it would be wonderful to be able to do so, the Vatican has stated that hosts that are completely free of gluten are invalid matter for the celebration of the Eucharist. Hosts valid for consecration must be made with some degree of wheat.

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A Saint Patrick Catholic Church we celebrate children.

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We often get asked, “How long do we keep people’s names in the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass?” The short answer is, “It depends.”

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Loved this weekend’s homily so much you wanted to hear it again? Wished you could share it with a friend? Now you can! Saint Patrick Catholic Church has entered the digital age with homilies on demand. Homilies are now available on the website for you to listen to again (and again) and listen deeply (and more deeply) each time you hit play.

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