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Parish Center & Parish Offices

1001 North J Street
Tacoma, Washington 98403

Phone 253-383-2783

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Parish Center

View of entrance from the parking lot

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View of the entrance to from North J Street

Saint Patrick Catholic Church

1123 North J Street
Tacoma, Washington 98403

Fr. David Mulholland
Father David Mulholland

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Good Neighbor Parking

As we strive to be good neighbors to those living near our Church, we encourage everyone to be sensitive to the residential parking situation. The street parking around Saint Patrick Church is limited and can be challenging; please park in the parking lot whenever possible. If you park on the street, please remember to obey all no-parking signs, do not park closer than 15’ from a fire hydrant, and do not block a crosswalk or anyone’s driveway. Thank you for helping us be good neighbors.