Catechetical Sunday was celebrated at Saint Patrick Catholic Church and at Catholic parishes across the United States the weekend of September 19 – 20, 2015.

Parishioners serving in the following ministries were invited to come forth for a blessing at Mass.


ReMembering Church

Children’s Catechuminate

Adult Bible Study

Walking with Purpose

Men’s Prayer Group

Children’s Rosary Group

St. Patrick Catholic School

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Family Based Catechesis

Vacation Bible School

Adult Bible Study

Youth Ministry

Baptism Prep

First Reconciliation and First Communion Prep

Marriage Prep


Young Adult Ministry

The St. Pat’s community is very blessed to have so many Tau Cross for 2015 Catechetical Blessing ministries spreading the Good News of Jesus. We thank the catechists for all the ways they enliven our faith community.

In addition to the blessing, catechists received a pin—a Tau Crucifix lapel pin. The Tau Crucifix was special to St. Francis of Assisi. Kim Ward, Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation noted she “chose this one because of our beloved Pope Francis.” Learn more about why this shape crucifix was so loved by St. Francis of Assisi.

Learn more about Catechetical Sunday in the news article Celebrate Catechetical Sunday.

Are you feeling Jesus’ call to serve?  Have you been discerning your Stewardship of Talent in preparation for  Talent Card weekend at St. Pat’s—to recommit or step up to carry out the mission Jesus gave all of us?  Learn more about Stewardship, Stewardship of Talent and Talent Card weekend in  Answer Christ’s Call and Share Your Talents.