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Where faith and wellness go hand in hand to assist each parishioner in becoming the whole person Christ intended them to be.Health Ministry Mission

In the past few years the Health Ministry has launched many new programs and initiatives aimed at promoting healthy living. Just to name a few: the Meatless Fridays during Lent campaign, online health and wellness videos through parish newsletter, sponsored visits to Seafox Farm for our parish elders in the Senior Ministry and PrimeTimers, organized a team of runners and walkers for Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School to participate in the Pierce County Emergency Food Network Hunger Walk and 5K Run, presented talks to our CYO Cross Country team about the benefits of exercise and good nutrition and has recently sponsored the second flu clinic of the season which provided flu shots to over 100 parishioners.

Community Partnerships

In the last several months the Health Ministry has worked with CHI Franciscan Health and other parishes and churches in the region to develop a health needs survey.  The survey goal is to better understand the health and spiritual needs and concerns of our parishioners and to look at ways to provide programs and resources in the areas identified.

Parish Goals

I know what you’re thinking, “not another survey!” This one is short, simple and anonymous. Garry FitzGerald, Health Ministry leader says, “as a physician I’ve learned never assume you know what is best for a person until you listen to what they really want and need. We hope this survey will better help Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School to better educate and keep our parish faith community vibrant. Kevin Lovejoy, Deacon Bill Eckert, Father Jerry Graham, S.J., and all of our priests and staff work tirelessly to make our parish a true family.  It is the hope this survey will help give all of guidance in achieving our Health Ministry and parish goals.”

With the assistance of CHI Franciscan Health, we anticipate to have all the information we obtain ready to present to the parish in January 2017.

Take the Health Survey

Take a few minutes to download, print and complete the survey. Then place it in the basket in the Gathering Space when you leave Mass or drop it in the collection basket in subsequent weeks.  If you are pick up a hard copy of the survey from the Bulletin, complete it after Mass and drop it off at Sunday Social Hour in the Church Hall.

Take the Health Survey

Remember, as St. Ignatius so eloquently put it, “It is not the soul alone that should be healthy, if the mind is healthy in a healthy body all will be healthy and much better prepared to give God greater service.”