The Sacrament of Confirmation was celebrated at Saint Patrick Catholic Church on April 29, 2017.

The young people spent months preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation under the leadership of Joe and Anna Skillman, Ministers for Youth Group and Youth Confirmation.

The Right Reverend Neal Roth, OSB, Abbot, St. Martin University was the Celebrant.

2017 Confirmandi

We are very blessed to have these individuals in our midst.

[Confirmation saint names are listed in bold. The Confirmandi’s name is followed by the his/her Sponsors name.]

Youth Confirmandi | Sponsors

Sophia Theresa Anderson | Christine Krumins

Eli Michael Clubb | Fr. Jerry Chapdelaine

Isabelle Lucy Davis | Madeleine Davis

Joseph Francis Dougherty | Charles Zimmerman

Adriana Cecilia Garcia | Maggie Ward

Thomas Thomas Henrikson | Paul Joyce

Abbie Lucy Hogarty | Kristine Jasper

Ryan Ignatius Jones | Luanne Hilger

Benjamin Pio  Krummins | Colleen Anderson

Stuart Francis Krummins | Sheila Ryan

James John Leggett | Spencer Smith

Charles Emmett Wenceslaus Leone Woods | Kim Ward

Teah Ann Lindell | Loren Lindell

Siera Rose McCann Morgan | Trish Joyce

Mollie Barbara Piercy | Tara Bows

Colin Benedict Ries | Sofia Ries

Edith Lucy Ryan | Joanne McKay

Ariana Teresa Sanchez-Rincon | Mercedes Rincon

Hal Maximus Seley | Ron Seley

Jack Francis Sparling | Norma Briggs

Christian Anthony Staley | Pat Salvina

Isabella Mary Magdalene Staley | Pat Salvina

Daffyd Michael Tyler | Ethel Ellison

Henry Patrick Waller | Dave Kruse

Hugo Guadalupe Barragan | Consuelo Barragan

Jasmin Guadalupe Lemus-Torres | Alejandro Torres & Natalie Ruiz


Adult Confirmandi | Sponsors

Elizabeth Faith Ruth Wett Cameron | Leah Walker

Steven Francis Mester | Mark Jensen

Reflection Letters are Part of the Preparation

As part of their formation, the Confirmation candidates wrote letter to the Bishop about why they wanted to be confirmed.  The excerpts from the letter are inspiring.

Taking this class has helped me to answer and ask questions about my faith. Allof the questions and answers have helped me to create a stronger and better relationship with GodLeah L.

I have felt God and I think I would like to fully immerse myself in Him and give my life to do his will.Eli C.

At the Confirmation retreat I realized I wanted to be confirmed becasue of how peaceful I felt when I was praying.Sophia A.

Talking with people our age was very helpful when it came to how I can  live out my religious faith as a young adult.Sierra M.

[Sacramental prep class for Confirmation]taught me to not be afraid to share my faith.Stuart K.

I want to become closer to God so that I can know Him and love him.Joseph D.

I have learned so much about what it means to be Catholic and how being confirmed is an important experience in my life and how i need to take it seriously.Isabella S.

The journey of confirmation has opened my eyes to what being a follower of God means.Edie R.

I do truly feel like my faith in God is stronger and better than before.Ariana R.

I hope that all teenagers choose to follow God’s path to salvationThomas H.

Through Confimration I can fulfill the spiritual hole in myselfJames L.

I would like to know more about preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Anna & Joe Skillman


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