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How do we find Jesus in every person? How do we serve Jesus in our every day life?

Middle schoolers are invited to explore who are our neighbors in our community and get hands-on experience in serving others.

Get to Know Each Other

The retreat begins at 5:00 P.M. Friday, January 26th, with games and ice breakers. The theme of the retreat will be introduced before dinner.  After dinner, students will begin the first outreach project, enjoy small group time, have evening prayer in the Chapel and watch a saint video before lights out.

Rest & Power Up

The sleepover for this retreat is optional and if you are more comfortable having your teen sleep at home and bringing them back in the morning then please feel free to do so!

All the girls will be in one room with the Youth Minister, Allison Verhofstadt and two other adult female leaders. The boys will be in a separate room with two adult male leaders. All overnighters will sleep in sleeping bags.

Finding Jesus & Serving Him in Our Everyday Life

Serve Breakfast Nativity House

The next day is packed with service opportunities!  After morning prayer and reflection time with Father Kyle Monglona  at the Parish Center. Retreatants will board the Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School bus to go to Nativity House and serve breakfast. The group will return to the Parish Center for small group discussion and lunch.

Assemble Care Packages for Soldiers

After lunch, students will be assembling care package for a group of overseas soldiers.  Then, everyone will walk to the church to tidy the pews in time for Vigil Mass at 5:30 P.M.

Resetting the Pews

After straightening the pews, the group will go to the Church Hall to cook the meal for the families experiencing homeless and are staying at the rectory that weekend through the Catholic Community Services of Western Washington Family Housing Network.

Cooking for the Homeless

After the meal is prepped and cooked the group will celebrate Mass with the parish community at 5:30 P.M.  Immediately after Mass, the students will serve dinner. The students will work in small groups and over see games for the younger kids, other students will be on dish duty, and everyone will get a chance to visit with the families. After dinner and clean the group will go back to the Parish Center for closing prayer and pick up at 8:30 P.M.

Service Hour Credits

Students can earn credit for service hours for the time spent on the two-day retreat. Students are encourged to bring in their respective schools required forms for the Youth Minister to sign off on.

Retreats are  a wonderful opportunity to grow collectively as a youth group and experience the needs of our community in a very real way. Join us! Register today!


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Allison Verhofstadt, Youth Minister