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Have you checked with your employer about matching your gift? Most companies have matching gift programs and many of those companies match the Annual Catholic Appeal.  You can double your gift to the ACA in a few easy steps. Once your gift has been paid in full, apply for the match per your employer’s instructions. The Annual Catholic Appeal, Archdiocese of Seattle, is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID # 91-0778147.

Do Companies Really Match Dollar for Dollar?

Yes!  Microsoft Corporation, Starbucks, Home Depot are just a few of the companies that offer matching gift programs and have matched Annual Catholic Appeal gifts in the past.  Additional companies can be found on the Matching Gift Programs List provided by the Archdiocese of Seattle.

However, if your company is not on this list—that does not mean they do not participate in a matching gift program— it just means that they have not matched an Annual Catholic Appeal gift— yet. Check with your benefits or human resource department to find out if your employer offers a matching gift program and learn how easy it is to match your donation to the ACA.

How Will a Matching Gifts Help Our Parish?

Saint Patrick Catholic Church has get to reach the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal goal set for the parish by the Seattle Archdiocese. A matching gift would help us work to achieve that goal. It could also help us earn a rebate sufficient enough to renovate the restrooms in the church too. Last year, the parish rebate funded the instalation of additional handicap door openers:  one for the door entering the main sanctuary of the Church and the other for the door to the ground floor entrance off the handicapped accessible parking, by the elevator to ensure that all are welcome by way of these enhancements.

In addition, matching gifts could ensure we still reach our goal if pledge fulfillment is lacking.


Questions About ACA or Matching Gifts?

Call 800-809-4921.  Mail your matching gifts to: Annual Catholic Appeal, PO Box 14964, Seattle 98114

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