As Long as it Takes…

Dear Friends,

We often get asked, “How long do we keep people’s names in the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass?” The short answer is, “It depends.” A more accurate answer is “As long as it takes!” In this earthly life, we really won’t know for certain the efficacy of Intercessory Prayer. Nevertheless, as a faith community we often find ourselves on both the offering and receiving end of such prayers.

The Power of Prayer
Many of you know Carol Pfeiffer. All of us, whether we realize it or not, have been praying for Carol for 5 or 6 years at Mass. After a lengthy illness, Carol passed away in June 2017.  Who’s to say whether our prayers at Mass kept Carol with us an additional 5 or 6 years; or whether knowing we were praying for her inspired and strengthened Carol to battle her illness; or whether the prayers provided comfort to her family; or whether the value of the prayers lies with the “pray-ers” who experience the simple comfort and joy of being able to pray for the well being of someone else.

Pray Without Ceasing

So keep praying for one another . . . . for “as long as it takes” to achieve whatever purpose it may serve. Send us your prayers through our parish prayer line, or scribble it on a piece of paper in our prayer box on the way into Mass, or light a candle near the Marian Altar. Pray without ceasing.

Yours in Christ,

Kevin Lovejoy
Pastoral Coordinator