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We need the oxygen of the Gospel, the breath of the Spirit of the Risen Christ, to reignite hope in our hearts. The Church is the house where the doors are always open not only to welcome everyone in to breathe love and hope, but also so we can take this love and hope outsidePope Francis

Saint Patrick Catholic Church is sponsoring a series of FREE talks open to the public to get to know Pope Francis.  The talks will explore his impact on the American Catholic Church and discuss Laudato Si, the Pope’s Encyclical on the environment.

The two thoughtfully curated talks invite us to reflect on the wisdom of Pope Francis.

Who is the Pope? Adult Ed Series Final for Web

ICTC, Seattle University, the Archdiocese Provide Resources on Understanding the Pope

Each year, the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture (ICTC) hosts a scholar of Catholic thought or culture, availing of their expertise for reading groups, classes, on-campus events and often community outreach.  2016 is Fr. Patrick Howell’s second year as Distinguished Professor in Residence with the ICTC – offering his theological expertise to the Seattle University community and the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Fr. Pat Howell Shares His Theological Expertise on the Pope’s Vision

Pope Francis is a charismatic and maybe even an enigmatic figure. Fr. Patrick Howell, S.J. will offer insights into Pope Francis’ vision for the church, particularly in light of his recent visits to the U.S.

A leader with a heart that’s open to the world is how Fr. Howell describes Pope Francis. Noting that the Pope continues to surprise his own Catholic Church as well as the rest of the world. Currently he ranks as one of the most popular leaders in the world. People warm to his frank openness and his embrace of a simple lifestyle. He says that the Church should be “a field hospital” and needing to “go to where people are hurting.” Following fresh on the heels of Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States, Fr. Howell will offer insights into this Pope’s energizing leadership, which is providing new possibilities for ecumenical relationships, a greater appreciation of interfaith dialogue, and is particularly inspiring for young people.

For more theological wisdom of Fr. Howell, read Pope Francis Meets the American Catholic Church published on September 15, 2015.

Professor Punsalan-Manlimos Discusses Laudato Si

Professor Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos, Director of the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture at Seattle University believes that Pope Francis is building on a long Catholic tradition of concern and care for creation in his encyclical Laudato Si released in 2015.

“Pope Francis has given us the profound gift of drawing our attention to care for all the earth,” said Punsalan-Manlimos. “When we reach back into our sacred texts, we find this message written throughout— the message is not new. In his encyclical, Pope Francis is weaving together the wisdom of our faith tradition and its moral demands to take our proper place in God’s creation, in God’s ecosystem, with humility and restraint”.

Praise Be to You

Laudato Si,  Italian for “Praise Be to You,” is the second encyclical from Pope Francis after Lumen fidei (“Light of Faith”), which was released in 2013. The encyclical on the environment has the subtitle, On Care For Our Common Home.

What does Pope Francis have to do with Aggiornamento at Saint Patrick Catholic Church?

Aggiornamento (Italian pronunciation: [addʒornaˈmento]), “a bringing up to date”, was one of the key words used during the Second Vatican Council both by bishops and the clergy attending the sessions, by the media and Vaticanologists covering it. Aggiornamento was used to mean a renewal— a spirit of change and open-mindedness.

Aggiornamento IV at Saint Patrick Catholic is a series of talks to get to know Pope Francis and his impact on the American Catholic Church and to understand his Encyclical on the environment.  It is a renewal of our vision of faith, hope and love for our Catholic faith and our shared home— the Earth framed through a lens of mercy.

As in Aggiornamento II,  St. Patrick Parish along with the greater community will reflect on the wisdom of Pope Francis.  This time, exploring who is Pope Francis, and digging deeper into understanding Laudato Si through the talks of theological and cultural experts.

A glimpse into the History of Aggiornament at the Parish

Aggiornamento III, the most recent renewal retreat at St. Patrick was held last year on Saturday, January 17, 2015.  More then 90 people attended in 2015 to reflect on the “Joy of Being Catholic”, led by parishioners and sponosred by the Stewardship Commission.  Lauren Hobby spoke on the value and need for the Church to recognize Young Professionals. Cathy Leone-Woods explained a need to return to the Church of her youth using a formula of 1 to 1, 1 to 10 and 1 to 100 ratio. Dr. Jim Rooks reflected on the joys of being a new Catholic, focusing on the many opportunities Catholics have to enjoy their faith with both individual and community prayer, through abundant and vibrant ministries that offer us adult education and faith formation and of course the seven sacraments.

Share the Invitation

Share the flyer promoting the series of talks for Aggiornamento IV held at Saint Patrick Catholic Church.  Invite your friends and family.  Post the flyer at work and in coffee shops. The series is FREE and open to the community.  You do not need to be Catholic to learn about Pope Francis.  Curious about one of the most popular the leader of the world?  Join us!


Kim Ward, Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation