Daffyd Tyler and her family are parishioners at Saint Patrick Catholic Church.  They are stewards among us!

Saving Lives

Several years ago, during the early years of the 4US, then 13-year old Daffyd Tyler wanted to do something to support the 4US mission of  illuminating the nation by placing an ultrasound machine in every pregnancy resource center in need.

After some discussions with the 4US founders, Kim and Deigo Wendt and the parish staff, a big, blue handmade recycling container was built and placed in the parking lot of Saint Patrick Catholic Church, with 4US – 4Eternity painted on it in big letters. Over the next several years, Daffyd and her siblings Angel, Corin, Kapha and Tobit raised over $2,000 by recycling aluminum cans dropped off by  parishioners and the local community. The Wendt’s, who are also parishioners and part of our school community too, tell us that the Tyler children’s efforts saved the lives of over 80 babies.

Daffyd and the entire Tyler family are an inspiration to anyone who might happen to think, “I’m too young!”, or “What can one person do?” We can all do something, we just have to take the first step.

Do You Know a Steward Among Us?

Do you know someone who is doing great things for others and living the stewardship way of life? Help us tell the story of the everyday stewards among us.

Stewardship lifts up our parish and our communities. We want to give thanks for the gifts of people living the stewardship way of life. Send us an email and let us know about the stewards among us. Search the news archives for more stories on the stewards among us.