Congratulations to the children who have begun their preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist at Saint Patrick Catholic Church along with their families.

covenant of FaithThe Covenant of Faith

On Sunday, September 11, 2016, twenty-seven children along with their families signed the “Covenant of Faith”.  The Covenant, which is the catechists as well as by the children and their families, states that they are ready to spend this year in study and prayer as they prepare to receive Reconciliation beginning in October 2016 and First Holy Communion in April 2017.

A Symbol of a Special Journey

Wooden Cross Necklace 800x550The children were gifted a wooden cross necklace.  You might notice some of the children wearing the wooden crosses to Mass.  It indicates that these children are on a special journey of faith. Please keep these children and their families in your prayers this year.

Bethany A.
James A.
Lillian B.
Violet B.
Benjamin B.
Cora E.
Sabina F.
Fiona G.
Natalia G.

Santiago H.
Blake I.
Gabriel I.
Maya J.
Ellie K.
Benjamin K.
Myra L.
Finnian M.
Grace M.

Madison M.
Sophia P.
Kade P.
Bailey R.
Andrew R.
Alexander S.
Caeli S.
Michael S.
Annabelle T.

Learn More about Faith Formation

For more information about the Sacramental Prep program, Faith Formation for Children or faith formation in general, email Kim Ward, Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation or call 253-383-2783 ext 4108.