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The Called to Serve as Christ campaign is an extraordinary opportunity for all to play a role in strengthening the Catholic Church in Western Washington. This campaign will focus on raising $100 million to strengthen our priest pension and retirement medical plans, provide support to women religious serving or who have served in the Archdiocese of Seattle, and assist key efforts in our parishes.

How You Can Help

In a few weeks, Archbishop Sartain will invite everyone to be a part of the historic Called to Serve as Christ campaign. The campaign is a wonderful opportunity to address the needs of our parishes and the Archdiocese. Archbishop Sartain’s invitation will request each family to make a meaningful gift with a suggested amount.

The request amounts for families to consider are based, in part, on support to our parishes, past support to archdiocesan causes, a review by the campaign team and Stewardship and Development Office, and other information including whether you took part in the planning study. The Archdiocese certainly doesn’t know anyone’s financial situation, but Archbishop Sartain’s approach will be to ask every family to make a meaningful and sacrificial gift.

There are many ways of giving which can accommodate your current circumstances. The campaign offers flexible arrangements for when to pay and how to pay. Each family is asked to pray about what an appropriate sacrifice would be to provide meaningful support to the campaign and then complete an intention card.

Our parishes have a team of volunteers who are helping with the campaign. They will be available to provide information, answer questions and assist you in completing your intention card.

Your charitable gift will help the Archdiocese to build a future that answers Christ’s call to serve for future generations.


Learn More

To learn more about the Called to Serve as Christ campaign, its mission, and goals, visit the campaign’s website.