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Dear Friends,

As your new pastor, I am happy to write to you today asking that you join me in making a 2019 Total Stewardship Commitment as members of Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School. Historically, our parish has conducted three different stewardship commitments, with witness speakers and pledge cards for Stewardship of Time (Lent); Talent (September); and Treasure (November). This year, we’re asking you to respond only once, with a single combined pledge of Time – Talent – Treasure. In doing so, we are acknowledging that as God blesses us, our response in gratitude is the giving of ourselves to God and our community in more holistic and sacrificial way.

When Stewardship as a combination of our Time – Talent – Treasure, we better understand the interconnectedness of our lives, and how God is present in every part of life. When we use the gift of Time to pause, pray, and be present to God’s presence in our lives, we begin to realize that everything we have and who we are comes from God. When awareness of God’s infinite generosity increases, we begin to connect the particular circumstances in life (our Time, Talent and Treasure) back to God, the source of everything. We see that God gives us those gifts, not so much for ourselves, but for us to share with others as part of God’s ongoing creation and sanctification of life.

Today I’m asking every Saint Patrick household to make this combined pledge by completing a Stewardship Commitment Tri-fold Card that lists how you intend to use your Time – Talent – Treasure for His glory in 2019. Please bring your completed pledge card to Mass this weekend. As part of our offering at Mass, you will be asked to place your pledge in the collection basket as a tangible sign of giving back to God what he has so graciously given to us. Thank you for your commitment to our parish!

In Christ the Lord,

Rev. David Mulholland

If you have questions regarding the various ways to contribute your Time, Talent and Treasure to the parish, please don’t hesitate to contact the office or visit our website to learn about Stewardship from the many ministries active at our parish to how to fulfill the Treasure portion of your Stewardship pledge through Online Giving.

Make your Stewardship of Treasure pledge online today, then simply place the completed Stewardship Commitment Trip-Fold in the basket at Mass— and write pledged online in the Treasure portion.  Pledging online helps us enter the information accurately and more efficiently.  Also, make your commitment early helps us save on follow-up mailings and staff time preparing reminders.

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