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2020 Homilies & Mass

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2019 Homilies

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September 2019

  • September 15, 2019 | Deacon Bill Eckert
  • September 8, 2019 homily unavailable due to technical issues
  • September 1, 2019 homily unavailable due to technical issues

August 2019

  • August 25, 2019 Stewardship Witness Talk by George Lane– Part 3 0f 3 (homily unavailable due to technical issues)
  • August 18, 2019 including a Stewardship Witness Talk by Todd Ward– Part 2 0f 3
  • August 11, 2019 including a Stewardship Witness Talk by Brian Marlow– Part 1 of 3
  • August 4, 2019 | Deacon Bill Eckert

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This week we kicked-off our Stewardship of Treasure Renewal with a Witness Talk from parishioner Greg Unruh after Deacon Bill’s inspiring homily where he encouraged us to look up high into the trees.

Learn how Bernie Madoff gets the last word!

Listen to the homily about how the sacrament of Baptism changes the odds for our children.

The scriptures for this weekend speak of the wonderful, positive power of faith amid all kinds of problems and challenges.

September 2016

Mass celebrating the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, archangels and addressing the Question of the Week:
“Can you recall a time when you felt the presence of an angel in your life?”

We tend to ignore those who challenge us to hear the truth about ourselves and how we should live. But we have also learned that when we take to heart the message of Jesus, we grow towards the fullness of life. Today’s readings raise some hard questions. Shall we be like the complacent rich in the gospel, blind to those in need around us? What are the needs–for food, shelter, friendship, advocacy, justice—that we tend to ignore? May we hear and put into practice the truth of the gospel given us through Jesus, who rose from the dead.

This is the first Mass under the new design of the Liturgy Lunch Club during which a different group of students signs up to spend six lunches over three weeks studying the Liturgy and preparing the Mass. The nine students will prepare the Mass— everything from selecting the readings, developing the Question of the Week, composing the Prayers of the Faithful, selecting the appropriate music from our liturgical music repertoire list, creating the artwork, and bringing up the gifts.

The Question of the Week reflected in Father John’s homily is:
“Think about the work you do in your everyday life. Do you find purpose in your efforts? How do others benefit from your wisdom or your labors? Do you usually take the easier path?”

Father Jerry Graham, S.J., presided over the dedication of the statue of Saint Patrick statue in the meditative garden after the BBQ lunch hosted by St. Patrick Parent Association, Pastoral Council, and the Knights of Columbus Tacoma Council 809.

The Community Enhancement Project to prepare space in the garden at Saint Patrick Catholic Church for a life-size statue of Saint Patrick— the church’s Patron was begun in mid-2015 by James Connelly, Boy Scout Troop 299 member, to earn his Eagle Scout Badge. The statue was installed on Friday, September 16, 2016, with the help and support of the Knights. The statue was then dedicated and blessed on Sunday, September 18, 2016, with the help of the parish faith community. Many young people and some young at heart sprinkled Holy Water on the statue of Saint Patrick.

The statue commemorates and honors the many parish priests and deacons who served Saint Patrick Catholic Church over the past 100 plus years.

Father Jim Harbaugh, S.J. invited us to be open to learning from the most unsuspecting people. The homily was followed by a blessing of students and catechists on Catechetical Sunday.

Father Jim Harbaugh, S.J. invited the Primary Division students to always remember to comfort and pray for those who a sick, suffering, sad, hungry, or those experiencing discomfort. 

Father Jerry Graham, S.J. invites us to see “what does Jesus want us to pay attention to?” And notes that one of the things that Jesus wants us to pay attention to joy— the joy in our parish— which Kevin Lovejoy, our Pastoral Coordinator shares with the parish community in the 2016 Annual Report, (begins at the 8-minute mark).

The Intermediate Division celebrated the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In preparation for the celebration, students and staff pondered the following: “Mary responded to God’s call with “Yes.” How is her response similar to that of St. Teresa of Calcutta? How is it different?”

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the homily was not recorded.

Deacon Bill invites us to be like Saint Teresa. To lean into the darkness and carry the cross. To share our cross with others, allowing them to help us along the way and to pick up the cross of another and help them because by doing this you embrace the resurrection!

The first all-school Mass of the 2016/2017 school year celebrated the upcoming canonization of Saint Teresa on September 4, 2016. Father Gerry Chapdelaine, S.J. presided. The reflection Question of the Week was “How did Blessed Teresa of Calcutta pray in order to hear God’s call in her life?”

August 2016

What does humility have to do with the narrow way of the Cross? Each of us has our own unique narrow way which leads us to joy. Listen to Molly Clavenna share her faith journey after Deacon Bill’s homily. 

The gate to being saved is very narrow. Listen to learn what Father Fuchs means by saying that.

This ordinary life that we live is sacred. We need to remember how ordinary Mary was so that we can identify with her. 

We are all called to love and embrace all and accept the will of God.  

Father Jerry encourages us to live with a sense of urgency!

July 2016

The life of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Jesus liked wordplay. Listen to Deacon Bill explain the Our Father.

Are you Mary or Martha? Can we be the heart of Mary and the hands of Martha to the world?

What are the effects of original sin on today’s society? What can we do in the face of evil?

“What kind of freedom are we celebrating today, ” asks Father Jerry. 

Listen to Father Jerry’s homily on the current state of political affairs and how we’ve lost sight of the need to work together for the Common Good. To work together to reach higher as opposed to lower.

June 2016

Listen as Father Tom Lamanna, S.J. explains that spiritual indifference is about love!

Who is Jesus Christ? Who is He for me? Who is He for you?

Saturday, June 18, 2016, six jubilarians and three associates celebrated milestones in their vocational journey. The celebration began with Liturgy at St. Patrick Church in Tacoma followed by a festive celebration in the Church Hall. Family, friends, colleagues, and former members joined in this celebration of life. The décor echoed the theme of the Community Assembly the following week: “Stir into flame the gifts of God.” Learn more.

Deacon Bill opens his homily with a reflection on the tragedy in Orlando, Florida that happened early Sunday morning.

The final all-school Mass of the year, Father Lamanna acknowledges that sometimes we are all afraid of the dark— a deep instinct within us tells us that the light of God in our hearts is good. Listen to learn more about how Father Lamanna encourages all especially our 8th graders as they move on to high school to let their light of love shine brightly.

At this Mass the 8th graders received a blessing and retiring teachers and faculty moving on were also honored. Homily begins at the 15-minute mark. View photos

May 2016

Father Tom Lamanna talks about traditions— how they are enacted and brought to the present and made alive.

Father Jerry reflects on how we can be the light of the world. Homily begins at the 9-minute mark. 

We find God in our hearts. Where do we see God in our history?

Listen to Father Gerry’s homily on the gifts of the Holy Spirit! He gets the award for the most concise homily of the school year! Homily begins at the 14-minute mark.

Father John Fuchs invites us to pray for the gifts that the Holy Spirit brings.

From Mother’s Day to the Ascension to Pentecost— the Holy Spirit is at work in our parish life including the 14 candidates for Pastoral Council.

Listen as Father Jerry Graham, S.J. talks about the dangerous power of God followed by parishioner Garry FitzGerald’s witness talk for the 2016 Annual Catholic Appeal (7-minute mark) and Kevin Lovejoy’s closing remarks (15-minute mark).

April 2016

Father Jerry’s homily is a Pop Quiz for the students to help confirm in their hearts and minds that this “stuff” about how Jesus really loves each of us is true! Father Jerry concludes his dialogue by reminding the students that of all the facts and figures and great thoughts and ideas they will learn in life, the greatest thing they will ever learn is, “Jesus loves me, this I know, because the Bible tells me so.”

Deacon Bill Eckert invites the children receiving First Holy Communion to the high altar to see the tabernacle, then he explains how our hearts are likewise a Tabernacle for Jesus, and that it is “Through us, and With us, and In us” that Jesus is present in the world.

Father Gerry Chapdelaine, S.J. presided at Mass with the Middle School and the Saint Patrick Catholic Church faith community. His homily focused on the types of soils that God’s word falls upon. In a quiet church, he asked the students if they were grateful for the abundance of God’s gifts to us especially how God gives us life through creation. He ended by encouraging us all to thank God for our world. (Homily begins at the 10:37 minute mark.)

Father John Fuchs connects students overwhelming preference for fast food from Dairy Queen over Jack In The Box and McDonald’s, to a more meaningful reflection on the “spiritual food” that we all need in our lives and how that true health food— is offered to us by Jesus— the Bread of Life. (Homily begins at the 14-minute mark)

“Do you love Him? Then feed His lambs, tend His sheep, and love, love, love….”

How can we not believe? The Risen Lord is manifested in so many ways! Listen to learn the many ways He is present in our life as we celebrate Devine Mercy Sunday.

March 2016

Father Jerry ended his homily with the following Easter greeting— “may you leave behind you a string of empty tombs!” Tune in to hear just what he meant by that unconventional Easter greeting.

Listen as Father John Fuchs, S.J. talks about how Good Friday brings about a feeling of great consolation and deep grief. 

Father Tom addresses the significance of Jesus setting the model for each of us to follow in service to others through the humility of washing each other’s feet.

During this Holy Week, Father Tom encourages us to find time to reflect on the readings and place ourselves in the various scenes with Jesus and the disciples— to ponder what are the people doing, what are they saying and what they might be thinking and reflect on what would you think if you were there alongside Jesus, the disciples and the people of Jerusalem? (Homily begins at the 2-minute mark)

Please note— there is a gap in the recorded homilies due to equipment issues.  We extend our apologies. The issue will be remedied and recorded homilies will again be posted for you to listen to and share with others on or about March 19, 2016.

Father Tom Lamanna, S.J. shares with the students his thoughts on how and why Jesus taught us to pray the Our Father. (Homily begins at the 12.8-minute mark.)

February 2016

Listen to Father Tom Lamanna, S.J., as he reflects on The First Scrutiny, address sin and God’s infinite love for us. Father Tom talks about God’s healing love and invites all to the Healing Mass of Mercy on March 11, 2016, at 7 PM. 

Listen to Father John’s  homily on the many ways we can pray, and how in its simplest form it is just “being present to God’s presence.” Father John provides a great example of how prayer is an innate part of our human existence — how babies enter into the world “praying” with that initial cry “help me.”

The second half (begins at the 9-minute mark) is Terese Schomogyi’s (Saint Patrick Catholic School ’12) impactful witness talk, in which she shared some very concrete and personal ways she stays present to God’s presence in her life.

Tune in for the Middle School Lenten Mass and Father Tom’s homily on Matthew’s gospel passage that says “knock and it shall be opened.” Father Tom asks the Middle School students to ponder “Whose knocking on whose door?” What difference that question and answer may make in our understanding of the gospel. Are we asking Jesus to let us in, or is it Jesus asking us to let Him in? (The homily begins at the 10-minute mark)

Deacon Bill Eckert shows us that there are no short cuts in life! Listen to learn more. 

Father John’s encourages us “to do what we always do, but do it more intentionally, and with greater devotion” in the season of Lent.

Listen as Father Jerry connects Ash Wednesday and the liturgical season of Lent to the story of Cinderella at the all-school Mass on Ash Wednesday. The Homily begins at the 11-minute mark. 

Listen to Father Jerry’s homily to learn if you are a “fan” of Jesus or a “follower” of Jesus. 

Listen as Father Jerry describes Jesus as a “boundary crosser,” who wasn’t afraid to stand up to people or situations he knew were wrong or unjust— despite the cost of doing so. And learn how our Catholic Schools teach our students to think critically about boundaries they face in their lives and to decide, with Jesus in their heart, which boundaries to honor and which to cross. (Homily begins at the 13.5-minute mark)

A special welcome was extended to Saint Patrick Catholic School Alumni who celebrate with the parish during the All School Mass in honor of Catholic Schools Week 2016.

Click here to tune in as well to hear about the gifts our students shared with Sister Marilyn, Deacon Bill, and the Jesuit team of priests— Fathers Jerry, Tom, and John in recognition of their support for Catholic Schools and celebration of religious Vocations.

January 2016

Deacon Bill invites all of us as Christians to substitute our own name everywhere the word “Love” or “It” appears in the reading from Corinthians and see where we can improve, how we can be a more loving person to others.

Father Jerry reflects on the day’s readings in his own unique Q&A style homily with the students of Saint Patrick Catholic School.

Father Fuchs tells us that the Word of God is very powerful and needs to be proclaimed and prayed with. God speaks to each and every one of us in many ways— from what happens in your heart and mind when you hear the word of God to the signs and gestures we see in everyday life. We need to be open to hearing the Holy Spirit speak to us.

Let your light shine. Own your gifts. Acknowledge the gifts that God has given you.

The Question of the Week: The people of Old Testament times cried out to God for the light of mercy during dark times. How did Jesus teach about God’s mercy when the leper cried out to Him?

Father Tom shares how both readings are about mercy. Perspective is the key to understanding why.

What is the script for our life? Where do you need to be baptized? Where do you need to let God into your life? 

God’s grace is like the dew fall. Listen to learn more.

2015 Homilies

December 2015

Learn how each family— even your family is like the Holy Family.

Father John Fuchs, S.J. tells us that Jesus us the human expression of God’s Mercy for us and invites us to celebrate the joy of the Christmas season through the Baptism of Our Lord— and not stop the day after Christmas as secular culture does.  

A BABY! Listen to Father Jerry tell us why God gave us a BABY to save the world.

Listen Deacon Bill Eckert sing a song about the baby Jesus, hear the Blessing of the Creche by Father Jerry Graham and the Prayers of the Faithful by the children as we begin the season of Christmas in the Catholic Church around the world.

Father Tom Lamanna says we have a desire for God to be Emmanual— God with us, but God’s desire to be with us is even greater. Listen to learn more about how we are called to respond to God.

Gaudete Sunday— we can’t help but Rejoice as Christ draws near.

The readings of Gaudete Sunday speak of rejoicing in the Lord — Christian joy — as well as the mission of St. John the Baptist and his connection with Advent. Father John admits that is not always easy for us to rejoice. His homily invites us to choose to rejoice amongst the darkness in our lives. Joy can be present even in the midst of sadness.

In his 2014 Gaudete Sunday homily, Pope Francis said that instead of fretting about “all they still haven’t” done to prepare for Christmas, people should “think of all the good things life has given you.”

Father Jerry Graham, S.J. invites us to be like Mary— to light a candle and change the world with that candle. Listen to hear two stories about how the light of a candle was the turning point in history.

On the 2nd Sunday of Advent, Father Jerry Graham, S.J. invites to listen to John the Baptist’s call to repent during this Advent Season 

Father Tom Lamanna, S.J. talks to the student of St. Patrick Catholic school about faith and love and being “with God”.

November 2015

Maranatha— Come Lord Jesus! Deacon Bill invites us to look at our past, present, and future and how we constantly need to be ready and living in this present moment— armed with candles and flowers. Learn how the seemly small gestures of a candlelight or a flower are appropriate symbols of faith, hope, love.

On Thanksgiving Day 2015, Father John Fuchs, S.J. asks us to think about “how we called to give thanks to God in all circumstances” and invites us to ponder the fine line between pretending and faith.

Father Tom Lamanna, S.J. invites us to ponder the “banners” that we stand under in his homily before the blessing and commissioning of Liturgical Ministers on the Feast of Christ the King— the end of the liturgical year in the Catholic Church.

Listen as Father John Fuchs dialogues the homily with the school children of St. Patrick Catholic Church— awakening in all of us our tendency to take the many blessings in our life for granted, and the opportunity this special season of the year gives us to pause, remember, and give thanks for who we are and all we have. 

Please note— there is a gap in the recorded homilies due to technical difficulties on 11-15-15. We extend our apologies.

Tune in to hear Father Jerry’s pop-quiz homily to middle school students from St. Patrick Catholic School about the KOG— the Kingdom of God. Questions included when and where is the KOG, and how do our actions make the KOG grow and shrink.

The homily was a Q & A style format where Father Jerry asked the students questions like “How would you feel if a pet you loved got lost was found again?” and more.

Did you ever think there could be a connection between All Saints Day and a Barrel of Monkeys?  Tune in to hear Deacon Bill’s explanation and keep reaching up to the Saints and out to your Brothers and Sisters in need.

October 2015

Listen to Father John’s explanation of the blind man being taken to Jesus by his “reluctant” disciples and how the blind man, in his unique way, knew more about discipleship than did the Twelve. He concludes with a question: “What is it we ask of Jesus to do for us?”

Listen to Deacon Bill describe and SINGING of how Jesus is right alongside us as we walk the dark valleys or our lives. We are not alone.

Please note— there is a gap in the recorded homilies due to technical difficulties. We extend our apologies. The issue has been remedied and recorded homilies will again be posted for you to listen to and share with others.

September 2015

What kind of car would Jesus drive?”  This is the question Fr. Jerry posed to the K-2d grade students during the homily. He recounted his experience as a young Jesuit novice who was given a new Cadillac as a gift, and how that affected his spiritual life.  Listen for more, including his wonderful description of the kind of car the Pope drives!  

Hear how Father John ran away from school in second grade at St. Patrick Catholic School because he was afraid, and the grace he remembers to this day when he discovered Sister Pauline forgave him instead of punishing him.  

August 2015