The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd ended the atrium year with Pentecost celebrations. Children and adult catechists, each chose a gift of the Holy Spirit— one that was particularly needed at the time. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are: Fear of the Lord, Fortitude, Council, Piety, Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom.


“The atrium year was a most blessed one, said Kim Ward, Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation. She noted, “we are thankful for the dear families, for the dedication they show by faithfully bringing their children to every session and we are thankful for the dear catechists, for preparing each week to present the Gospel to the children and to pray with them.”

A Rock Garden Blessing

The atrium year was celebrated with a community event on May 21, 2017— the annual Rock Garden Blessing, Placement and Potluck.

The Rock Garden Blessing was presided over by Deacon Bill Eckert. After the blessing, the families processed out to the Rock Garden singing This is Holy Ground.

Rocks are Opportunities for Community and Sharing

Rocks from all over the world were placed in the Rock Garden. From far away lands like Uzbekistan, to rocks from favorite local beaches.  Rocks from close to home like child’s patio and grandma and grandpa’s backyard to rocks from as far away as the craters of the moon. Rock from the Mines of Solomon in Israel to rocks from the Holy Land all brought the community closer together through a tangible peice of earth— a shared experience in the stories shared with the faith community about the significance of the rocks brought to the celebration.

Thank you Wynter Dait and family for organizing the event.  The Dait’s are a parish and school family active in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Wynter’s children and her niece attend the atrium and Wynter serves as an assistant catechist. That very same weekend, Wynter and her son participated in the Associate Ministries 2017 5K Hunger Walk & Run and the Mother & Son Rock Climbing event sponsored by the Saint Patrick Catholic School Parent Association.

Catechist Formation

Atrium sessions will beginning again in October 2016.  This summer, we turn our attention to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd catechist’s formation. Julia Looper and Charla Johnson will be participating in national level ll/lll formation course at the Palisades Retreat Center in July.

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