First Reconciliation preparation (7 years of age; usually 2nd grade) takes place in one year.

Catechism is Part of the Process

Catechetical instruction the year immediately before beginning this process is required.  See Faith Formation options that best suit your family.

The Family is Prepared Together

Preparation begins in the early fall and involves both parents and children throughout the process.

Older Children and Adults

RCIC/ RCIA – Rites of Christian Initiation of Children/Adults is the process for First Communion and First Reconciliation for  Adults or for children older than eight or for children baptized in another Christian denomination who wish to pursue the Catholic faith.

Under the direction of legitimate ecclesial authority, solicitude for catechesis belongs to all members of the Church according to each one’s role. Parents above others are obliged to form their children by word and example in faith and in the practice of Christian life; sponsors and those who take the place of parents are bound by an equal obligation(CIC, c. 774 §1 and §2)

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in the Sacramental Prep program for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, contact Kim Ward, Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation, to learn more. Additionally, you will need the following:

  • If you are interested in registering, email [email protected]
  • Copy of child’s Baptismal Certificate, if not baptized at Saint Patrick Catholic Church
  • $40 materials fee.  Fees can be paid online or by check payable to Saint Patrick Catholic Church. If the cost presents a hardship, email Meg Hannan or call  253-383-2783.

I want to know more about First Reconciliation preparation!


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