Admissions Policy

Our admissions policy acknowledges that the primary purpose of the school is to educate the children of Saint Patrick Parish whose families are committed to the Catholic faith and Catholic education. It also recognizes the considerable support— financial and otherwise— provided by Saint Patrick Catholic Church to the school, as well as the demonstrated commitment to Catholic grade school education by families already enrolled in the school.

In the event that the school receives more applications for admission than there are spaces available in a given class or grade level, the following priorities will guide admissions decisions:

  • Children of active, participating parish members (see “Active Parish Participation” below), who have siblings who will attend Saint Patrick Catholic School (SPCS) during the next academic year or who have graduated from SPCS.
  • Children with siblings who will be in the school in the next academic year or who have graduated from SPCS who are not active, participating parish members at Saint Patrick Parish.
  • Children of active, participating Saint Patrick parish members, as defined below, who do not have siblings in the school.
  • Children of active, participating parish members at neighboring Catholic churches, as defined below, who do not have siblings in the school.
  • All other children.

Final decisions are made by the Principal and Vice Principal of Saint Patrick Catholic School.

“Active Parish Participation” is Characterized By

  • Registration in the parish office as a member of Saint Patrick Parish for at least one year before enrollment, or registration in the parish office as a member of Saint Patrick Parish and proof of good standing in another parish for one year before enrollment.
  • Weekly family Mass attendance at Saint Patrick Catholic Church.
  • Participation in the religious life of Saint Patrick Parish.
  • Active financial support of Saint Patrick Parish through Sacrificial Giving with a completed current Sacrificial Giving pledge card on file and progress toward fulfilling that pledge.

Age Requirements for Admission

A child must be 5 years of age for kindergarten, 4 years old for PreK 4, and 3 years old for PreK 3 by August 31 immediately preceding the school year for which the student seeks to enroll. There are no exceptions made to this requirement.

Continued Enrollment

A student who is enrolled at Saint Patrick Catholic School and remains in good standing will be eligible for continued enrollment.


Annual Tutition

Families are expected to provide additional financial support to the school through participation in the Annual Fund, REACH Auction, and SCRIP program. Families paying in-parish tuition rates are also expected to participate in Sacrificial Giving.

New Family Application Fee
$50 per student | maximum $100 per family | non-refundable

Registration Fee
$150 per student, non-refundable

Annual Tuition
Includes instructional materials, yearbook, and student planner

Tuition Payment

All payments will be made through the SchoolAdmin online tuition management program.

A $35-per-family yearly SchoolAdmin enrollment fee will be charged to your account upon submitting your enrollment contract.

Grades K-8

Neighboring Catholic Parish Families

In-parish rate + $500 per student

  • 1 Student $8,200
  • 2 Students $14,760
  • 3 students $21,320
  • 4 students $27,880

  • 1 student $10,200
  • 2 students $18,360
  • 3 students $26,520
  • 4 students $34,680


Half day
  • Per student
  • 5 day
  • $4,700

Full day
  • Per student
  • 5 day
  • $9,400

Tuition Assistance Resources

Applications for the 2024 – 2025 school year are accepted through December 31, 2023. The Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant Program is designed for families and students currently enrolled or applying for the next school year in any Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Seattle. A family must apply each year through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to qualify for a grant—all awards are made based on financial need. Go to the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Fulcrum website to learn more about Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Program.

Tuition Affordability

It is our goal at Saint Patrick Catholic School that no child be denied the opportunity to attend because his or her family feels they can’t afford it. We are committed to doing all we can to meet the needs of our families by providing what we believe to be fair and substantial tuition assistance packages. We’re willing to meet with every family seeking a way for their children to attend Saint Patrick Catholic School.

How to Apply

Fulcrum and Saint Patrick Tuition Assistance Program uses a common application called FACTS. Complete the form once to be considered for both the Fulcrum TAP and the SPTAP. Use the link below to apply for tuition assistance for Saint Patrick Catholic School only. If you are applying for tuition assistance for another school, use their specific link.

Follow all of the application directions and include all of the requested tax forms. Incomplete or late applications will adversely impact any tuition assistance award you might receive. All requests must be completed online at:

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