About the Campaign

If we asked you to envision a really wonderful school, what would you see? Would you see just kids and backpacks? Or teachers and a principal?  Or would you see all the other people that surround each student… parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, parishioners, friends? When we envision a wonderful school, we see you, our Saint Patrick Catholic School Community. #whatdoyousee?

Our school can’t operate without you.  Our goal is to raise $190,000 and have 100% participation from our school community. 

The Annual Fund benefits the school’s endowment, capital improvements, and operating expenses. We ask that each school family pledge or give to the Annual Fund by October 31 each school year. Pledges must be fulfilled by June 15. Donors may choose to make a one time gift or set up monthly recurring payments.

Make My Annual Fund 2020 Pledge

About Our Chairs

We are honored to be the chairs of Annual Fund 2020.  Having moved to Tacoma just five years ago, we have felt welcomed and supported by our Saint Patrick Catholic School community in a way we could not have even imagined.  We have chosen Community Vision as our theme.  We feel that Saint Patrick Catholic School is a school that brings its greater community into focus in a truly special way.  –Brian & Sarah Kranick, Annual Fund 2020 Chairs

How Our Students Participate

Our Students Help Raise Funds for Their School

Our school kids help share the Annual Fund message by writing letters and drawing pictures that we send to extended family, neighbors, and other people important to us. We ask that you take a moment to identify a family member or friend who might like to make an investment in our school. With your authorization, your children’s letters and artwork will be mailed to friends and family.

Annual Fund 2020 Letter Writing Campaign Authorization Form