Summer Climb 2021

In his book, Visible Learning, researcher John Hattie explores what teaching strategies or school programs make a statistically significant difference in student learning. His research suggests that while intentional academic summer work has only mild positive effects on student achievement, it does significantly reduce the academic slide that often occurs in the summer months. In other words, researchers find that there is less time spent in the first month of school repeating old content in schools that have a structured summer learning program. Our hope is that by engaging students in minimal but consistent summer reading and math, we will have them more ready to successfully begin school in September.

We want all of our students to excel, to be challenged, to feel success. We want our kids to be kids and enjoy their summer vacation. It is our hope that we found the right balance between rest and relaxation and keeping their minds alert. We hope you climb real mountains this summer and encourage your children to use their summer to climb to even greater heights in reading and math.

Enjoy the pace of summer and your time together with your children.

Chris Gavin