We are ready to climb!   Teachers at every grade level have prepared summer reading recommendations and math problem sets for kids to keep their minds active.  The reading lists include recommended reading duration, books, and required reading and writing work for some grade levels. The math work and recommended links will help prepare students for the next grade level. Our theme for our School-Wide Learning Expectations is “We Rise As One,” so we will climb together to RISE even higher this summer. 

Some Summer Climb resources indicate 2021; rest assured the content is correct for the current year.

You’ll also find a list of summer activities around our region that can be great places to visit for your families.  Reading lists, math sets, and background knowledge are all part of our efforts to reduce what is known as the “summer slide”— simply put, a long break away from school work causes too much repetitive teaching when we return in the fall.   We hope that by keeping kids engaged in active learning over the summer months, they will come back with greater confidence into their next grade level, and as a school, we will be able to move more quickly into new material.   It’s not a race but a steady climb to greater success.

This is meant to be focused, fun, and a soft way to keep skills sharp during the summer months!



Going into 1st Grade

Going into 2nd Grade

Going into 3rd Grade

Going into 4th Grade

Going into 5th Grade

Going into 6th Grade

Going into 7th Grade

Going into 8th Grade

Additional Resources

Fun Things to do with Kids in Tacoma in Summer

Some Ideas for Sites to Visit Online

Ideas for Keeping Math Skills Sharp Over the Summer
While some students can enjoy a summer break from schoolwork, many need the summer to catch up, stay refreshed, or refine their math skills. Many online programs are available, as well as websites that provide ideas to help students continue to build their math skills.

Online programs

*IXL- allows the child to practice unlimited math problems and gives parents a detailed progress report.

Price: $10-$15 per month


*Khan Academy – has a program for students to build math skills using math videos.

Price: Free


*Mathletics – for grades K-12. In the “Full Curriculum” section, students practice hundreds of math topics in 10-question increments. The program also includes “Live Mathletics,” where students race with math problems against other students worldwide in real-time. It consists of games, Rainforest Maths, printable resources, interactives, video tutorials, and a reporting system. 

Price: $14.95 per month for one student, 2nd student $5


*MathScore – adaptive math practice environment with measurable student progress. From grades 1 to 8, Algebra I and Geometry.

Price: $14.95 per month for one student, second student, $5


*CK-12 – a significant site for learning and practicing math and science. It contains text-based lessons, FlexBooks, (digital textbooks in PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats), videos, and quizzes for multitudes of math and science topics from K to grade 12.

Price: Free


*CTC Math – a comprehensive online tutorial program for grades K-12. Includes video tutorial, interactive questions, diagnostic tests, reporting, and more. 

Price: $29.97/month for a single student or $35-$40/month for a family


Websites that offer printable worksheets that can be tailored for an individual student: