St. Patrick School 2016 Accreditation

Greetings from the St. Patrick School Accreditation Team!

As integral members of our St. Pat’s community, it is important for you to be involved with our accreditation process. Our hope is to not only keep you informed but to invite your deeper involvement in this accreditation process. Through committee work, responding to surveys or attending one of our community evenings of reflection, you will have the opportunity to shape the school’s future. We can’t underscore the value of every one in our community sharing their perspective and vision for St. Patrick Catholic School.

Let’s begin: what is accreditation all about? Accreditation is a “process of ongoing school improvement that examines all aspects of the school program and operations in relation to the impact on high quality student learning”. (Western Catholic Education Assoc. ISL protocol, 2012)

The context of accreditation largely addresses the following seven questions:

1. To what extent is Catholic Identity infused into the total school program?
2. To what extent are the students achieving the School-wide Learning Expectations (SLEs)?
3.  To what extent are students mastering the essential academic content standards?
4. To what extent is there evidence of adequate ongoing academic growth for all students?
5. To what extent does the school support high achievement for all its students?
6. To what extent is assessment data being collected, disaggregated and analyzed?
7. To what extent are student learning decisions being made based on the analysis of the assessment data?

St. Patrick School is accredited through the WCEA, the State of Washington, and the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, and we are required to constantly support high achievement for all students to maintain our excellent accreditation status. The WCEA accreditation process is ongoing and quite rigorous, and that cycle is seven years long. During the 2015-2016 school year we will be in Year Six, and what is called our Self-Study process. This is an intense reflective and analytical undertaking, ultimately designed to create an action plan to implement during the subsequent accreditation cycle. We use the WCEA protocol to create an Improving Student Learning (ISL) handbook. In March of Year Seven (2017), a Visiting Team will come to our school to review and evaluate our programs.


St. Patrick Accreditation Timeline


St. Patrick School Accreditation/Memberships

Northwest Association of Accredited Schools

Western Catholic Educational Association Elementary School Commission

Washington State Board of Education Certification of Private Schools

Member of National Catholic Education Association