The 2015 REACH Mardi Gras Auction was co-chaired by Beth O’Reilly and Saori Takayoshi.  The Fund-An-Item for this event was themed a School on the Move. We asked our community to raise funds for improvements in science, technology and transportation. Together our supporters raised $39,300 to move St. Patrick Catholic School forward. Thanks to the generous contributors listed below, St. Patrick Catholic School was able to immediately purchase Next Generation Foss Science Kits and improve our internet access, wireless connectivity and bandwidth on campus.
With a commitment to becoming a School on the Move, our Administration set aside some of the funds raised to improve student transportation. Through some generous help, good timing, gentle negotiation and charitable donations of an anonymous supporter, St. Patrick Catholic School is now the proud owner of a brand new 15 passenger mini-bus!
Special thanks to Bruce Titus who helped find bus options, then negotiated a very good deal for us and, along with Linda, made a significant contribution.
We’re excited to share the places we’ll go in our new bus!
Many thanks for your ongoing commitment to St. Patrick Catholic School, a School on the Move. 
Adams, Sam and Jeanne
Allen, Jeffrey and Rosa
Allore, Matthew and Stacey
Appelgarth, Mitzi
Atkinson, Don and Lisa
Avakian, Christine
Bardwil, Mark and Kim
Barkley, Doug and Hope
Bartley, Cydne
Bethke, Bob and Kathy
Bone, Jason and Tiffany
Boone, Mary and Robinson, Mitch
Brady, Joseph and Brynn
Brown, Charlie and Margaret
Bucholz, Kathy
Cammarano, Sandy
Carlson, Seth and Jennifer
Christnacht, Charles and Suzanne
Christnacht, Joan
Cochran, Loren and Shea
Collins, Mark and Kathy
Demuth, Jerry and Juile
Dougherty, DJ and Laura
Dykstra, Anne
Eckert, William
Ecklund, Andy and Katie
Estrella Geraghty, Aurea
Flugel, Faith
Foley, John and Julie
Forte, Kathleen
Fox, Sharon and Scott
Garrison, Katherine
Gavin, Chris and Doreen
Goodsell, David and Kelly
Graves, Gary and Michele
Gustafson, Sharon
Hall, Brent and Shannon
Hedrick, Jim and Katherine
Hellberg, Jason and Joly, Jennifer
Henningsen, Christy
Hensler, Margaret
Heritage Auctions
Herron, Dave
Hilliard, Erik and Tiffany
Hunt, Mark and Ginny
Ilacqua, Monica
Imhof, Todd
Irigoyen, Richard and Jennifer
Jackson, Duke and Barbara
Jasper, Peter and Krissy
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Liu and Christy
Jones, Doug and Salina
Jones, Joel and Pam
Judy, Richard
Keely, Kerry
Kennel, Dave and Peggy
Kradjan, Chris and Schaller-Kradjan, Chris
Kranick, Brain and Sarah
Krattli, Darren and Susan
Kwiatkowski, Jessica and Igor
Lane, Molly
Lane, Robert and Delmage, Alia
Larson, Steve and Marcella
Laverty, Seamus
Leid, Shari and Rory
Leiphart, Michael and Courtney
Llanas, Enrique and Guest of Enrique
Lovejoy, Kevin and Lisa
Lystra, Matthew and Lindsey
Marlow, Brian and Amy
Marsh, Rob
Mayovsky, Bill and Beth
McDonough, John and Jane
McDougall, John and Elizabeth
Mead, Megan and Kelcey
Miller, Bob
Miner, Stephen and Kathleen
Morgan, David and Nancy
Morgan, Stuart and Danica
Norton, Drew and Blanca
O’Reilly, Eamon and Elizabeth
Olinger, Phil and Christy
Peterson, Jack and Mary
Peterson, Sean and Maureen
Ploof, Ed and Denise
Power, Ashley and John
Power, Steve and Rene
Price, Scott and Aimee
Riecan, Courtney
Rogers, Bronwyn and Hoare, Tom
Rooks, James and Penny
Ross, Mike and Penny
Rupert, Bill and Debbie
Salber, Chuck and Karen
Schomogyi, Mark and Lisa
Seley, Jim and Kathy
Simpson, Brian and Tricia
Smith, David and Lisa
Sorenson, Jeffrey and Angela
Stebner, Wayne
Sterino, Jake and Karyn
Takayoshi, Todd and Saori
Titus, Bruce and Linda
Toomey, Beth
Trudnowski, Bill
Vitale, Phil and Dawn
Wachter, Neil and Heidi
Wing, Jason and Jennifer
Xitco, John