Voices of the Children - Saint Patrick Catholic School

May 19-21, Saint Patrick School Drama Department presented


Two stories as told by the children of the Holocaust

The Diary of Anne Frank & Brundibar

Two of the most vital and famous stories out of the Holocaust originated with the Jewish children of the time. The children of the Saint Patrick School Drama Department, under the direction of a team of adult designers and Bellarmine Drama & Music Student Interns, will deliver this year a very special presentation combining the first act of The Diary of Anne Frank and the one-act children’s opera, Brundibar.

In the first story, the memoirs of a young Jewish girl, forced to hide with her family to escape Nazi persecution, allow us to see that, even under the most oppressive of circumstances, a spirit of hope can still prevail. The second story, a musical folktale originally composed in the ghettos of Prague at the onset of World War II, found its way to the concentration camp at Terezin (Theresienstadt) where it received 55 performances from those Jewish children detained there. A parable of hope and justice, and good conquering evil, it is a tale of a poor family whose children seek money to buy milk for their sick mother, only to have their quest thwarted by an evil street musician named Brundibar. With the help of four intelligent animals, the children unite with the town to defeat the unjust bully and return home in triumph.

We are so proud of the students’ amazing work, and feel blessed to have Mrs. Lewis and her team of dedicated volunteers. For photos of the performance, click here.