14 Saint Patrick Catholic School students participated in the inaugural middle school Bellarmine Model United Nations aka BELLARMUN event this past weekend in the Connelly Campus Center.  Our 8th grade delegates were Claire W. and Sara A. Our seventh grade delegates were Jonathan W., Carson R., Ellie R., Audrey R., Sophia M., Nicholas A., and Tatum B. Our sixth grade delegates were Jordan A., Alex N., Kiera S., Evan B., and Chloe M.

Jordan’s reflection:

BellarMUN was awesome. It is a model United Nations run by Bellarmine High School students who belong to the Model UN club. They put on a workshop designed for middle school kids to learn about world issues and work on resolving the issues through a consensus vote. I really liked it because we talked about topics that impact the world. As delegates, we talked about healthcare and education. Both topics are very important in the world. Each committee prepared a draft resolution and we had an open debate. We were able to ask questions, debate and come to a consensus. My group, represented Brazil. We had three awesome workshops. One was about researching, the second was about public speaking and the other was about the flow of debate. I aspire to be an attorney and the skills I learned at BellarMUN will help in my future.

Alex’s reflection:

BellarMUN was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. BellarMUN is a program ran by Bellarmine Preparatory High School. The high schoolers put lots of time and effort into letting middle schools get involved in a model of the United Nations. Each student will become a delegate of a certain country in the United Nations. The countries are separated into 2 committees, the United Nation General Assembly and the United Nations of Human Rights Committee. In those 5 conferences, we talk about issues in the real world, such as Healthcare, education, Climate Change, and Rights of Indigenous Populations. After researching the Democratic Republic of the Congo and debating about the country, I’ve learned many skills that I will need in life. We attend conferences where we discuss on the issues then vote on resolutions. After this experience, I now want to do this for the rest of my middle school years.