Student Spotlight - Saint Patrick Catholic School
Congratulations to Matthew H.  and Stephanie H. on their recent accomplishments in Budapest, Hungary at a world karate championship.
Matthew and Stephanie represented their dojo – Washington Karate Association Lakewood Dojo, their school, Washington state, and the USA in the 2016 Open Shitoryu Karate World Cup, with over 700 athletes competing. Shitoryu is their style of traditional Japanese karate. This is their second time competing in this world cup, and once again they are world champions.  
Matthew won the gold medal in his advanced kumite (sparring) division and bronze in advanced kata (form). Stephanie won the gold in her advanced kumite division, and bronze in advanced kata.  Their next major tournaments with close to 3000 athletes from around the world are the US Open and Junior International Cup in Las Vegas during Easter week. We wish them continued success both in school and in their karate endeavors.