Safety News - Saint Patrick Catholic School

A few reminders to help keep our students safe this school year:

After School Safety

Just a reminder that our upper playground becomes a busy pick-up area right after school. Our youngest children should remain with their teachers until parents/guardians pick them up. Older students can walk to the cars or leave campus per their parent’s instructions. It is a very congested space and we ask everyone to drive slowly and with caution.

The play areas are not to be used during this pick-up time. We have seen too many kids walking/darting between cars heading towards the big toys. It is not safe for students to be playing in this area after the last bell.

Neighbors and Traffic

Please drive safely around our school, especially during early morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. With wetter roads, construction on Tacoma Ave. and Lowell beginning again, our little area from “G” St. to Yakima will become much more congested and trickier to navigate. Drive slowly and watch out for families/kids crossing streets.

For evening or weekend events, we will always have our upper playground area open for parking. It’s just neighborly to reduce our street parking footprint.

Most importantly, let’s continue to be good neighbors and don’t block driveways or park near intersections/crosswalks. We are fortunate to have our school in this neighborhood and I want us to be considerate of those who live here as well. If you see any trash around our neighborhood streets, please pick it up and throw it away.

Emergency Notification Form

Please return the hard copy Emergency Notification Form to the office tomorrow. Hard copy forms on colored paper were sent home with students. It is important for us to have current information regarding phone numbers, addresses, allergies/medical conditions, and authorized release designees.