ROBOTICS TEAMS ShamROCK! - Saint Patrick Catholic School
Saint Patrick Catholic School Robotics teams competed well in the WA State qualifiers the past 2 weekends. Both DynoTech253 and The Shambots showed the judges that they were successful teams, and despite challenges, were able to complete some missions in the Robot Game.

The Lego Leprechauns won an award for Robot Strategy and Innovation, did well in all categories of Project, Core Values, and Robot, and placed 2nd of 33 teams, scoring 115 of the 130 their current robot can complete. They were chosen to advance to the WA State Semifinals! Before the semi-finals on January 20-21, the team plans to solidify their project on reusing graywater by conferring with professionals and local lawmakers, and increase the point total of their Robot game by completing more missions. They are very excited to represent Saint Patrick Catholic School all the way to State if their “Luck of the Irish” continues!