“Learning should always be active, stimulating and yes – fun,” says Principal Chris Gavin.  And that will be easier to accomplish with Boxlight interactive flat panel displays in every classroom that look like giant tablets with easy viewing from the entire classroom.

Interactive flat panels are sophisticated teaching tools with technology that provides internet access and allows for the integration of learning apps and teachers’ instruction. Imagine giant, interactive and collaborative classroom tablets that teachers and students can use to share with the entire class educational content such as notes, assignments, artwork, video, and almost anything imaginable.

Research has shown that students learn best through active engagement, group participation and frequent interaction and feedback. With the interactive flat panels, teachers and students simply touch the screen to write, edit or navigate through a presentation – which provides a highly interactive and collaborative learning experience.

Help Saint Patrick Catholic School teachers and students take full advantage of the technology that is shaping the future of education. 
Support Fund An Item at the REACH Auction or by making a donation online here:  https://saintpats.ejoinme.org/boxlight