Random Acts of Kindness - Saint Patrick Catholic School

Random Acts of Kindness

Mrs. Nagel is a first grade teacher at Saint Patrick Catholic School. She shares her story about a recent act of kindness she experienced.

“We have the sweetest retired neighbor who is always walking his dog Winston down the street and we usually stop and chat quickly or wave hello. This morning was one of those days that I rolled down my window to say hello as I was driving by. He asked if I was back in my classroom yet and if I had purchased any supplies. I mentioned I just started yesterday and hadn’t purchased too much yet for this year.

When my husband came home later, our neighbor stopped him and handed him this envelope and pencils. What a generous and thoughtful gift! Our neighbor was so cute when I went to thank him. He said he did his good deed for the day, but since he told someone he would need to do something else. I told him how I teach my students about acts of kindness. He then looked up to the sky and said, “God is good.”

I look forward to adding this story to our class discussion on how we can pass kindness along to others. This is the video I share with my class each year.

Thank you, Mike for your Random Act of Kindness. It means more than you know. I always love teaching my kiddos about spreading acts of kindness and I can’t wait to pay it forward to them.” – Mrs. Nagel