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Manage Your Child’s Lunch Account

logo my school accountOur lunch program offers an online method for parents to manage their child’s lunch account called My School AccountClick here for a step by step guide on how to set up and account, pre-pay for meals, and pre-order lunches.

Parents may manage all their children from one login and may even transfer balances between children. If you would like to be notified, via email, when your student’s lunch account balance drops below a preset minimum, enter the minimum balance for each student and check the box to enable the notification. An email will be sent to you when your student’s lunch account balance is below the preset minimum.

Create Account

You need your student’s school ID number.


Who maintains my student’s lunch account?

The kitchen staff is responsible for maintaining their student lunch accounts and all the funds associated with the accounts. They are the only ones that can create, modify or remove a student lunch account from the database. When the school makes changes to your student’s lunch account, the information is automatically transmitted to and we display the information on the website for the parent.

What should I do if I see a discrepancy in my student’s lunch account activity?

Contact the Food Service Department and let them know what you found. Normally, they can correct any discrepancies in a student’s lunch account. is a valuable tool for the parent to keep track of student purchases and locate any purchases that seem out of the ordinary.

How can I see lunch account activity older than 30 days? maintains a record of your student’s lunch account activity for only the past 30 days. To obtain a more detailed history of the account, you would need to contact the Food Service Department. They can provide you with a detailed statement of account for any time period you request.

Where does the money go when I make an online payment?

The money is electronically transmitted to a designated bank account. provides the web portal that allows parents to make payments into the lunch accounts at your child’s school.

What happens to the money in my child’s lunch account at the end of the school year?

If you choose to let the money in the account, it will simply roll over to the next school year. If you would like a refund for the remaining funds, contact the Food Service Department at school and request a refund.

Can I make payments directly to the school?

Each school has its own policy for accepting payments in cash. Online payments are the most secure way to send money to the school because each payment creates a transaction that is easily traceable.

My school uses the MealPlan account, how is this used in the cafeteria?

The MealPlan account restricts the student to the purchase of government qualified meals only (no junk food). If you add money to your child’s AlaCarte account, that money can be used to purchase anything in the cafeteria. If you add money to your child’s MealPlan account, that money can only be used for the purchase of qualified meals. To prevent your child from buying any junk food, you can put all the money into the MealPlan account. Qualified meals are limited to one per day.

Can I be notified when my student’s lunch account balance too low?

Yes, you can set up the Low Balance Notification option under the Student menu on the main screen. The low balance notification emails are sent out each night when we receive the lunch account balances from your local school. If your student’s balance drops below the minimum you have set, you will be sent an email. Low Balance Notifications are not sent out on weekends or holidays.

What is ACH debit? I don’t like giving out my account numbers.

ACH debit is an industry term for an “e-check”, a check without the paper. The funds are transferred from your bank account to the school’s bank account exactly the same way as if you had written them a check. Actually, ACH is much more secure than using a credit card because the process is done through the Federal Reserve Banking System. And your information is encrypted using the latest encryption standards. ACH debits can only be initiated by the owner of the parent account; we never debit a parent’s account without a specific request from the parent. And, unless you check the box “Save my account information” we do not save your account numbers.

How long does it take for my payment to post on my student’s lunch account?

The cut-off time for online payments is midnight (EST) each night. Payment made before midnight (EST), will post to the student lunch accounts the same night and be available to the student in the morning. Payments made after midnight (EST), will not post until the following night. There are occasions when payments do not post to the local school overnight. This could be caused by equipment problems at the school, internet outages in a certain part of the country or a problem on one of our servers. The technical staff at closely monitors the network traffic between our system and your local school. Any time there is a problem, we try to have it resolved within 24 hours so there is a minimal delay in posting the payments.

How does the application use biometrics?

Saint Patrick Catholic School is one of the many schools that use biometrics for its Lunch Management Program. The vendor, Food Service Solutions, employs the Sagem Morpho biometric scanner. This allows the student to carry their ID with them at all times. Only a mathematical algorithm remains in the system after registration, not finger scan images.