Our Common Home - Saint Patrick Catholic School

It has been almost four years since Pope Francis wrote his encyclical, Laudato si’, on the environment. The subtitle was “On Care For Our Common Home” and the Pope humbly but courageously called for unified global action on the care of our earth.

We know the phrase “think globally, act locally,” and this past month  the Environmental Club at Saint Patrick Catholic School did just that. Led by Maya K. and Madlyn K., the members of the Environmental Club, with the support of Will Wilde, science teacher and Environmental Club Advisor took action for our “common home” by calling for some small changes in how Saint Patrick Catholic School operates on the environmental issues facing our community.

Read their appeal letter and join their unifying and courageous effort on behalf of Saint Patrick Catholic School and earth.

Students and Families of St. Patrick,

The Environmental Club of Saint Patrick Catholic School has purchased a new Elkay water refill station to be used on the 3rd floor. As stewards of the Earth and caretakers of our environment, we feel this machine will help our environment by encouraging reusable water bottles. A cool feature of the sensor-activated water filling spot is that it will calculate the number of plastic water bottles we will have not used because we are all using reusable water bottles in school.

We purchased this station during a Black Friday event saving nearly 40%. We now need help in fundraising money for this refill station and other environmentally sensitive projects that we hope to accomplish over the next two years. Any amount is appreciated but we are hoping every student will come with $1.25 in honor of our 125th year as a school. If we can do this, and a few can donate more, we will have met our ambitious goal. Make donations to our Environmental Club fund at school.*

Taking care of the environment is all of our responsibility. We know we can make a difference even if it is just walking a little more gently on our earth. Remember; reduce, reuse and recycle!

The Environmentalists of Saint Patrick Catholic School


*Make your gift payable to Saint Patrick Catholic School, write Water Bottle Refill Station in the memo line and drop off your donation at Saint Patrick Catholic School during office hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. or via mail 1112 North G Street | Tacoma, WA 98403.


Will Wilde, Environmental Club Advisor