Operation Keep ‘Em Warm & Fed [KEWAF] needs sandwiches that will be distributed to people experiencing homelessness and hunger. Our school has been involved in helping those in need for over 7 years, bringing and serving food to the hungry on the street, making sandwiches with students at school, and seasonally collecting warm clothing.

We look forward to that time when we will be able to safely continue doing these things in person, but for now, food distribution continues, thanks to a small group of dedicated people led by Michael and Dotti Krist-Sterbick. St. Patrick Catholic School has committed to supplying sandwiches twice a month. We invite families to make 10 simple meat and cheese sandwiches in their homes. Patty Davidson, our former art teacher, and current resource tutor will collect the sandwiches at school on the specified date and will take them to our neighbors in need for distribution.

If your family is interested in helping out, email Ms. Davidson at pattykdavidson@gmail.com to let her know which drop-off date works best for you. Ms. Davidson will get back to you with the specifics on how to make the sandwiches and when and where to deliver them. We need 10 families for each date.

  • Sep 13 & 20
  • Oct 11 & 18
  • Nov 15 & 22
  • Dec 13 & 20

Operation Keep ‘Em Warm & Fed is a 23-year-old St. Leo Church Social Justice project offering genuine smiles and welcome along with good food, clothing, bus passes, and other things to help our neighbors. Because of the pandemic, the need has grown.

Thank you to all of the families who have said yes! Let us know if you would like to get your family involved in this important work.