Class Lists

Dear Families,
Happy late summer and I hope this mailing finds you well.   My hope is to have you think just a little about school but quickly get back to your vacation pace.  I look forward to seeing you soon, but not just yet!
Please follow this link to find homeroom lists (for primary and intermediate students) and advisory assignments (for middle- schoolers) for the 2016-17 school year.  I am happy with the class sizes which will provide an environment for increased individualized instruction and high expectations for all students.  I know your teachers are looking forward to welcoming you to their respective homerooms and the new technology that awaits you.
The Advisory model for middle school is a new approach for us.  Small groups of students will meet weekly with their academic advisor, shifting the focus from homeroom teacher as the point of contact for parents to the advisor who will become the academic mentor.  While there will be important tasks beyond instruction for each classroom teacher, the advisor will assume greater responsibility for the academic and formational life of our Middle School students.  Middle schoolers should see their advisors on the Meet and Greet Day to pick up class schedules.
I would be remiss to not mention at this time the new teachers who join us this academic year.  Mrs. April Nagel returns to Saint Patrick Catholic School where she was a pre-K aide before she decided to pursue her education in Primary Education from Central Washington University.  She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree. Mrs. Nagel will join Tessa Johnson in the first grade which I think will be a perfect fit for her personality. April has just finished her second year in the Clover Park School District as a first grade teacher.
I am very happy to be adding another 3rd grade class this year and most happy about our new 3rd grade teacher.  I knew Abby as a student at Bellarmine before she went on to earn her degree from the University of Puget Sound.  Mrs. McElligott has been here at Saint Patrick Catholic School as a young mother but now joins Mary Larsen as one of our 3rd grade teachers.  Abby will be busy with your children and her own three blonde girls who will join her every day at our school.
Hiring another male teacher for our Middle School faculty was a goal of mine and I think we have a really good one in Mr. Will Wilde.  Will will teach Science and be a robotics coach for us.  He has had a busy year as he finished his second year of teaching as part of the University of Notre Dame ACE Program, has moved across country from Virginia, and had time to get married.  Will has his undergraduate degree in Biology from Gonzaga so there is another Zag in the house.
Anna Comfort rounds out our new hires and brings a vibrant energy and great experience to our Middle School.  Anna is an English major, and she taught for two years as a cohort member of the University of Portland’s PACE Program.  Most recently, Anna was the Religion Department Chair at Blanchet High School in Seattle.   Anna graduated from Bellarmine in my son’s class, so I have known her for many years.  I am thrilled that she also wants to be a volleyball coach for one of our Middle School teams.
Just so you know who is on first….Ashley Power moves from 4th to 2nd grade and Melissa Ruby has moved to the third floor, where she will teach 4th grade.
We have lots more to do to be ready for your return.  The building has been scrubbed, some classrooms newly painted and the playground has some new features.  For your part, keep CLIMBING with your summer reading and math work.  Special welcome to our new families.
I look forward to seeing you all soon, just not yet.