Students will celebrate Kite Day on June 6, 2018 at 1:30 P.M. in the playground at Saint Patrick Catholic School, weather permitting.

What is Kite Day?

Kite Day was born from an idea that art teacher Emily Keller had to try and create an event that would incorporate art into a school community event. “I love the idea of taking advantage of a beautiful spring day, and having every student that I see in the art room create something that brings together a sense of the artistic and a (somewhat) functional item,” said Mrs. Keller.

Hand on Learning

Building kites envelops the concepts of creating in three dimension, and for the older kids who are tasked with trying to follow more specific instructions, to create a kite that is properly engineered so that it will fly.

Honoring a Legacy

All kites will be tied with a teal ribbon in remembrance of Mrs. Donna Breikss, teacher at the school who recently passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer.


Emily Keller, Art Teacher