Online Orders with PrestoPay and ScripNow

Register online 24/7 at to purchase Scrip directly online.  Click the Register button on the upper right part of the page. Use Saint Patrick Catholic School registration code: (available from the scrip coordinator). This provides 24/7 ordering with monthly Scrip delivery (checks only) and 24/7 payment and electronic Scrip delivery by PrestoPay & ScripNow (email gift cards) only.

Once you are registered, you can also shop the website, print your order confirmation, and send it into the school with check or cash and our Scrip Coordinators will deliver your Scrip with the monthly Standing Orders. For details, see the frequently asked questions at

Direct Purchases

With Direct Purchases, you can either order online or place your orders at the school or parish.

Onsite Orders

You can also purchase Scrip directly at the following locations:

1. Scrip Office/Parent Volunteer Center– Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. (large inventory available)

2. After Mass Social Hour –  In the church hall on the third Sunday of the month