Scrip Delivery

Paid orders may be picked up at the school office. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 may pick up orders for their family. All other orders must be picked up by an adult. Unpaid orders are held in the volunteer office until payment is received.

Special Orders

We encourage you to also make Special Orders for larger volumes and/or specific denomination. We hope you will consider doing so—especially during the holidays when some vendors offer a higher percentage return to the school. Send your request to

Scrip During the Summer

Scrip sales are year-round even when school is not in session. Purchases during summer months can be made through special order, at or by direct purchase as available at summer events or by appointment. These orders all count toward the yearly school family requirement. Standing Orders are processed only during the school year on the 10th of the month from September to June (10 months).