shop-with-scrip-box-pngYou can pay for Scrip almost any way you like. We recommend Direct
Payment or automatic checks, like many parents already do for tuition, for Standing Orders. Checks (made payable to St. Patrick School) can also be mailed or delivered to the Scrip Office/Parent Volunteer Center or Main
School Office. Although not preferred, we can also take cash.

Parishioners: Parishioners can simply go to one of the social hours after Mass and tell our scrip volunteers which gift card you’d like to buy. You write a check, we give you a gift card and you go shop and benefit St. Patrick School. If you’d like to make a special order, you can email We appreciate your support.

Scrip Delivery

You can decide how you’d like your Scrip delivered to you. Options: pick up at the school office, have it included with other school mail in your child’s backpack (send payment in advance to the school office), pick up after Mass at Sunday Social Hour in the Parish Hall on most Sundays, or pick up in the Parent Volunteer Center at school.

Special Orders

We encourage you to also make Special Orders when you’d like. We hope you will consider doing so – especially during the holidays when some vendors offer a higher percentage return to the school (e.g. Land’s End 20%). Send your request to, fill out this Special Order online form or this printable Special Order form to be sent to the school office with payment.

Scrip During the Summer

Scrip sales are year-round even when school is not in session. Purchases during summer months can be made through Special Order, at or by direct purchase at social hours after Masses. These orders all count toward the yearly school family requirement. Standing Orders are processed only during the school year on the 10th of the month from September to June (10 months).