shop-with-scrip-box-pngScrip is Required for All School Families

All school families are required to participate in the Scrip Program every year to help supplement the school’s operating budget. The requirement is $2,500 per year (from July 1 to June 30) in Scrip purchases.

Families can choose to not participate and make a one-time buy-out payment of $250 to the school by September 30.  If the payment is not made at this time, the buy-out cost is increased to $300.

How to Sign Up

When school families register their intentions for Scrip for the school year, they indicate their intention to do one of the following:

  1. Register for a monthly Standing Order with the  online registration form (preferred) or with a PDF version.
  2. Make Direct Purchases  in the Scrip Office/Parent Volunteer Center, Main School Office, at, or at social hours after Masses. You can also use the  online registration form (preferred) or PDF version for direct purchases.

If necessary, one other option is to not participate in the program and make a buyout payment to St. Pat’s ($250 by 9/30 or $300 10/1 or later). Families may do any combination of these options noted above.