About the Endowment

The purpose of the Saint Patrick Catholic School Endowment is to strengthen and sustain, for years to come, a rich faith-centered academic experience for all students. Gifts to the Saint Patrick Catholic School Endowment make a difference now and in the future.

The primary function of the Endowment is to provide tuition assistance. Since 1990, the Endowment has been funded by alumni, parents, and friends to help sustain Saint Patrick Catholic School. The success of the Endowment reflects the spirit of shared experiences and the mutual encouragement of generations. Each family preserves and strengthens the legacy of Saint Patrick Catholic School for the next.

Endowment Management & Goals

The Endowment is overseen by the Principal of Saint Patrick Catholic School and the School Commission. Administrative and School Commission oversight is in partnership with the Pastor, Pastoral Associate for Administration, and Pastoral Council review.

The Endowment is managed through the Fulcrum Foundation by Mercer, a global consulting partner that provides investment analytics, research, and guidance. Mercer is dedicated to helping endowments and foundations not only realize higher risk-adjusted returns but also fulfill a higher mission.

The annual distribution for tuition assistance from the Endowment is a 4.5% return on investment. Currently, the Endowment is $1.4M and funded by alumni contributions and community partners. Additionally, 30% of the school’s Annual Fund gifts are allocated to the Endowment. The expected long-term return for the Endowment is 6% and the 5-year goal for the Endowment is $2.5M by 2023.


There are several ways to give to support Saint Patrick Catholic School.

    1. School Endowment for Tuition Assistance Make a one-time or recurring one-time or recurring gift to the Endowment
    2. Memorial Fund Memorial gift to Saint Patrick Catholic School in memory of a loved one or to make a gift in celebration of a special occasion such as an anniversary or sacraments like Baptism, First Communion, Marriage. To set up a memorial gift, send us an email.
    3. Designated Gift To set up a designated gift, send us an email.
    4. Planned Gift To set up a planned gift, send us an email.
    5. Appreciated Assets  To donate appreciated assets such as stock call 800-422-5417 for broker instructions.
    6. Wills and Bequests 
Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School is recognized by the IRS as a not-for-profit 501c3 charitable organization. Your donation to Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  Monetary donations to Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School are tax-deductible. However, certain donations in which donors receive a good or service in return for a donation are not tax-deductible or maybe only partially deductible.  Please consult with your financial advisor for the tax implications of your donation.
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