Family Partnership Requirements

Tuition covers only a portion of the cost of educating your child. To help limit costs and offset the gap between tuition and the cost of operating the school, we rely on Family Partnership Requirements. At Saint Patrick Catholic School, we succeed because parents are involved in the school. Your efforts as a volunteer and donor are greatly appreciated.

The school contract requires each school family to participate in the following programs:

Commitment Hours

The commitment hour program requires each family to provide a set amount of hours in support of the school.

15 hours for (5 day) half-day PreK family
9 hours (3 day) half-day PreK family

15 hours per single parent family
30 hours per two-parent family

In your school entrance packet, you will receive a Commitment Form and a description of the large or consistent projects for which you may volunteer. Other commitment opportunities will be presented throughout the year through The Blarney Stone or your classroom teacher. You are responsible for tracking and submitting completed hours. Unfulfilled commitment hours will be assessed at $20 per hour, as stated in the Enrollment Agreement.

Annual Fund

This fund drive kicks off in September at Back to School Night. How much your family contributes is left to each individual family to determine. Families are encouraged to make a year-long pledge of monthly payments to spread the cost out over a longer period of time.

REACH Auction

School families are required to support the auction by contributing items that can be auctioned off at the event. No specific dollar value is required, and families are encouraged to get with other families to come up with creative and meaningful projects/services or experiences that can generate revenue for the event. Five (5) of your total commitment hours must be towards the auction.


The Scrip Program is essentially a free donation to the school — it costs you nothing out of pocket. Families purchase gift certificates and gift cards through the school. You shop with the cards and get the full value of each card. The vendors give Saint Pat’s a percentage of the money you spend. You get the full value and Saint Pat’s keeps the vendors discount. Each school family is required to purchase $250 worth of Scrip each month (averaged over 10 months = $2,500/year). We encourage you to utilize our standing order process. Or you can purchase via special monthly orders or at school events for sales volunteers. Cash, check or automatic payments are accepted.