Emergency Weather Plan - Saint Patrick Catholic School

Dear Parents,

Snow in the mountains, wind and cold rain in town, and a school on a hillside. It’s time to update you on weather-related school closures.

As a general rule, Saint Patrick Catholic School follows Tacoma Public Schools weather-related closures after consultation with Bellarmine Preparatory School and other local Catholic schools. The two most important things I consider are the safety of getting to and away from our campus and how quickly can I inform everyone of any decision that impacts normal school operations.

While I prefer to announce school delays or closures the evening before, please know I will decide by no later than 6:00 A.M. If we delay school, we will have a 10:30 A.M. start.

If school is closed that also means no co-curricular activities. Please pray that if we start school the weather doesn’t get worse, but if so, we will notify all parents/guardians through Constant Contact, Alma notification system and/or phone. We will stay open until all children are picked up.

We notify parents of inclement weather decisions in multiple ways. Our website is the best and first source of information. We will send a text and email via Alma and an email via Constant Contact. Information will be posted on Facebook too. You should also see us included on KOMO Radio, KIRO Radio, King 5 TV, KIRO TV 7, and KOMO TV 4. TV and radio are slow about posting so our website, social media, emails, and texts are your earliest sources.

During snowy and/or icy road conditions around the school, please avoid using the 11th and 12th Street hills. Please drop off students on G Street at the gym entrance.  Students will be directed to the gym instead of the upper playground.  Staff members will be on hand to help unload and lead children from your car into the school.

If we close early due to weather conditions, students will be dismissed from the gym. Again, please avoid the 11th and 12th Street hills. Staff members will be on hand to help lead children from the school and load them into your car.

We will do our best to keep traffic moving and congestion to a minimum.

Thank you for your attention to these details and as we move into our winter months, please send your children with warm outdoor clothing, good shoes or boots and their school sweatshirts (rooms can be a bit chilly).