Please let’s remember our driving and parking responsibilities.  Slow down, keep an eye out for pedestrians, and respect our neighbors.  

Broken Record or Streaming

I would say, “I know I sound like a broken record…” but since that ages me, I’ll say, while I may sound like Pandora with ads,  it’s time to address a topic near and dear to us all: Drop off and Pick up—a message worth repeating.


  • 12th Driving Down Hill: Stop, kiss your kids, and go. Move as far down the hill as you can go before you pull over, be safe but move quickly.
  • G street for Pre-K and K Drop-off: Park safely, respecting City laws and our neighbors. Park away from the corners, outside of red zones and driveways. Our crossing guards will help you and your children walk the few blocks safely.
  • Yakima for Intermediate and Middle School Drop-Off: Stop and go, or park and go, but please watch your speed. Thank you for your continued help watching out for kids in crosswalks.
  • Yakima for Primary: I can arrange adults to walk younger ones down to the playground if you are willing to drop your children off on Yakima in the morning. Let me know if you are willing to try this.


  • Playground: Open for picking up your Primary and Intermediate-age children. I have noticed that playground pick-up is relaxed and cordial, so thank you for your patience.
  • G street: I ask you to park safely and to walk to the fenced area to pick up your child. Idling in the intersection, even “just for a few minutes,” adds to the congestion and risk of harm. Park legally and walk to pick-up.
  • Yakima for Intermediate and Middle Schoolers (our preferred location): Thank you for making Yakima work so well and for encouraging each other to drop and pick-up here.

Safety First and Always

Give yourself a few more minutes to get to school on time, but don’t let being tardy be the reason for being unsafe when dropping your children at Saint Patrick Catholic School. Slow down, let the crossing guards keep everyone safe, and follow the rules of the road. We can do this better than ever!

Do I sound like a broken record, yet?   Thanks for your attention to this.