Philosophy of Education

I am passionate about encouraging children to become good human beings with a strong foundation in a global perspective. Each and every child/person I have taught or interacted within a learning environment, I believe I can help achieve their maximum potential through hard work, structure, exploration of their creative abilities and a nurturing and safe environment.

I come highly motivated and energetic to accomplish this personal goal of touching the lives of each child. As I have come from a foreign country, I understand the most challenging environments of learning and can apply what I’ve learned in my work experience and educational coursework to the classroom.

It’s also very important to have fun! It’s my desire that my students will want to learn a foreign language and the extensive benefits that come from it both in mind, academics and heart.

Educational Background

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Education with a focus on Curriculum Development from Maristas University Guadalajara with additional Master’s course work in Human Organization Development.

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching since 2015.


Being a support member in a classroom suits my skills for many reasons. I am collaborative and a team player. I recognize that my mission is to help the student achieve their goals and am flexible and creative in implementing initiatives as needed.