CYO Cross Country is Seeking a Head Coach

Are you excited about athletics? Would you like to be a part of  the many thriving programs at Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School? Our cross country program is currently looking for a head coach. The tremendous group of runners and volunteer coaches need your organizational skills and enthusiasm. The head coach organizes the CYO Cross Country program including several cross country meetings, communicates with the team and coaches, sets up and attends practices and meets, works with the athletic director and plans the end of season celebration.

To be a coach, you need to complete the Safe Environment training through Virtus and also attend a Play Like a Champion Training through the Seattle Archdiocese CYO program.

Cross Country typically starts at the end of August. Practice is held twice a week at Vassault Park. There are three official cross country meets and a Bellarmine Invitational Meet kicks off the season. Last year the season extended into late October. In years past, the season was completed by early October.

If you are interested, please email the Athletic Director.

Summer Camps

Are you looking for ways for your student to stay fit physically and mentally during the summer months. Bellarmine Preparatory School has many options. University of Puget Sound hosts summer camps as well.

We will keep you posted about summer camps and activites to help your student athlete stay active this summer.

Summer Camp Resources

Playing sports has become very important today, since it can encourage young people to develop important values such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship, sharing and solidarity. Sports, in fact, can make an effective contribution to peaceful understanding between peoples and to establishing the new civilization of love.Saint Pope John Paul II

Gospel Values Incorporated into the Sport

CYO Athletics is sports done a different way— as one community. Individuals and teams strive for greatness in accordance with Gospel values. To develop the whole person, we teach success is not measured solely by the scoreboard, but by the effort, team play, and fun of the experience.

Join the Team

Saint Patrick Catholic Church & School offers three of the CYO Athletics programs for grade school youth— Cross Country (K-8), Basketball (4-8), Volleyball (4-8).

Other Opportunities

If teams are formed in other CYO sports— Softball, Baseball or Soccer, travel to Seattle would be required to compete. Pierce County CYO does not currently offer these sports, but they are offered in Snohomish-King County. Track is offered at All Saints Catholic School and St. Vincent De Paul School. We can participate in their programs and/or develop our own teams.  Please contact our athletic director for more information.

The Play by Play & More

Get the play by play, practice schedules, game times, registration announcements and more by clicking on the sport specific folders below.

CYO Sports


CYO Volleyball


The regular season, ended on Saturday, April 13th and was followed by 6th, 7th and 8th grade round robin tournaments on Palm Sunday.

Though some of the teams did not have the success they wanted, it was still a great year. The student athletes learned a lot about the skills of volleyball, how to use teamwork in the game of volleyball and per usual a little bit more about life and the wins and the losses.

Our 8th grade team won the regular season and their round robin.
Our 6th/7th grade team improved on a weekly basis. They split for the round robin and each team had some great games! Our 4th/5th grade team also improved on a weekly basis. They did not keep track of wins and losses, but they were a fun group to watch. Many of this team is committed to becoming good volleyball players.

A big thank you to our tremendous coaches: Liz McDougal, Cristina Hakansson, Glen Inderbitzin and Karin Inderbitzin. And Stephen Hakansson and Andrea Goodale who helped a lot. Without your commitment and dedication, we would not have had these fun teams.

Next week we will announce our search for a new head volleyball coach and some changes coming to our CYO leadership.

If you have any questions, please contact our athletic director at

2019 Volleyball March 23


Athletes must be registered to practice.


Registration is now closed.


Co-ed boys and girls in grades 4 – 8

Coaches & Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to assist with coaching. Please contact the athletic director if you are interested in serving.


CYO Basketball

They did it again! Our 8th grade boys won their second CYO Basketball championship in a row in late February 2019. The boys played St. George at 3:00 P.M. in the semi-final. They started off well and won 51-28. Our defense was very solid, and our boys scored fairly easily. Then we waited while Villa Academy and St. Vincent de Paul played. It was a great game with St. Vincent’s winning in the final minutes. At 6:00 P.M. we played the championship against St. Vincent’s. We started off strong again going up 18-2 in the first quarter. We extended the lead in the 2nd quarter to 22-8. Then we had some foul trouble and rested a couple of guys. St. Vincent’s got within 14 points at half-time. In the third quarter, we exchanged a couple of baskets and then our foul trouble continued. This allowed St. Vincent’s to cut the lead to 2 points. At this point, everyone had to work a little bit harder. We dug down deep and slowly built the lead back to 10 points. We won the championship 48-37. Congratulations to Aidan G., Christian S., Liam M., Sam I., Triton V., Peter M., Jackson B., Matteo S. and Kellen O.


As you register, you will be prompted to purchase a basketball uniform (shorts and jersey).  If your child has already played and has a uniform, you do not need to order a new one. Your child may play in the old uniform.  If your child has outgrown that uniform, they may exchange it for a larger sized used uniform.


Practice starts in late October and runs through late January. Games start sometime in November and run through late January. If a team makes the playoffs in Seattle, they may play until mid-February.


If you have any questions about our basketball program, registering, our uniform policy or anything else, please contact the athletic director at

Cross Country

CYO Cross Country

If you have any other questions, please contact our athletic director at


The season runs September through mid-October.


Kindergarten – Grade 8


All athletes must be registered to participate. If you are feeling called to help as an assistant coach, register yourself too. Cross country track requires the support of many volunteers.  We appreciate your dedication to your children and the sport.



  • $25 for the season
  • $20 for a running singlet (shirt), if needed


Practice is held at  Vassault Park, 3:45 P.M.-4:45 P.M. every Tuesday and Thursday unless otherwise stated.  Please check Team Sideline for updates.


Check out the video interview with Dr. Gary FitzGerald and learn why students choose to participate in CYO Cross Country.

Track & Field, Softball & Baseball Opportunities

Track & Field, Softball and Baseball

If you and your family have interest in CYO sports for Track & Field, Softball and Baseball, please contact the athletic director at  These sports are not offered in Pierce County. We would participate in south King County with teams like St. George, St. Vincent de Paul, etc.

I want to play!

Matt Smith, CYO Athletics Director

253-272-2297 or 253-383-2783