Class of 2017 - Saint Patrick Catholic School

Commencement 2017

Dear Friends,

Saint Patrick Catholic School will hold its 123rd Commencement Exercises on Monday June 5 in our St. Patrick Church.  We will call forward 38 students from the 8th grade to receive their diplomas.  We will recognize each graduate for meeting and exceeding the standards of the Archdiocese of Seattle and the requirements of our school.  It is our most public ceremony for acknowledging the achievements of our graduating students, as well as honoring them for the many ways they have contributed to our community.

21 of these graduates have been here since Kindergarten; many have had siblings who graduated before them, some have parent(s) who graduated from Saint Patrick Catholic School, and a few now join their grandparents as graduates of Saint Patrick Catholic School.  Whether a legacy family or a student who entered this class in the 8th grade, the Class of 2017 is a class of friends.

This class was willing to be part of something new and they did it with great enthusiasm.  They were the first group to go to Mr. Rainier Institute for a 4 day stay, and one of the cooks there said, “I hope your school will come back.  These are the nicest young people we have ever served.”  These soon to be graduates were the first group ever to stay overnight at the L’Arche Farm, the community of adults with intellectual disabilities. In a stunning two days, the kids co-labored with L’Arche, readying the farm for winter.  As the snow fell, these kids prayed for and with the L’Arche community. Closer to home, they were programmers on our inaugural Robotics Team; creative writers for our first edition of the school newspaper and were the first students to join the Liturgical Lunch Club that co-plans our weekly liturgies.

This class began the year with the theme: Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy.  It is never easy to always do the right thing, but this group of kids never stopped trying.  They only have a few days left as Saint Patrick Catholic School students but a few will serve at Keep ‘Em Warm and Fed even as they get ready for their finals.  They will be called each by name to the front of the altar, where I will be honored to extend to them my hand and their diploma.

Commencement: It has been going on at Saint Patrick Catholic School for 123 years, and it never gets old.

St. Patrick, pray for our graduates.


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