Catholic Schools Week Day Four - Saint Patrick Catholic School

Wednesday, February 3:  Science on Wheels Day from Pacific Science Center. Our theme is Space Odyssey. Our all school assembly begins at 8:45 AM.  We also will be hosting a Welcome Wednesday from 9-11 AM for prospective families.

Information from Pacific Science Center about the day:

Space Odyssey launches you on an amazing celestial journey. Explore the universe in our large, inflatable planetariums or investigate the phases of the moon, the spectra of gases or the properties of light in your classroom.

All-School Assembly: Help our astronaut-in-training prepare for a trip to the moon! This show takes off with a mind-blowing demonstration about balloons in the vacuum of space. Contemplate the real size of the moon, investigate astronomy tools like spectroscopes and telescopes, then cheer for your team in a race between a student and flashlight, demonstrating the concept of a light year by comparing it to a “kid year.”

Exhibits: We bring a mini science center to you with our portable, tabletop exhibit sets, experiments, and activities. Explore meteorites, constellations and Jupiter’s storms. You can be an astronomer when you manipulate a robot arm or look at the surface of Mars. What would the Big Dipper look like from the other side of the universe? How much do you weigh on Venus? Find out answers to these questions and more when Space Odyssey visits you! 30 min. per classroom.

Classroom Workshops: 45-minute hands-on lessons are taught in your classrooms.